Friday, December 8, 2023

Kingdom Hearts: Back Cover


The purpose of this post is to help you understand what happened during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Back Cover (KHBC). After I watched this movie I watched game plays of the story. Thank you damo279 for your help. I think I better understand the events that took place before the first keyblade war. For those of you that may not know before Sora was born there was a keyblade war and we see the remains of the battle in KH Birth by Sleep. This story is about the events that took place before it began. In this post I am going to explain the main storyline that will probably be important in the later games. 

In the movie there are seven characters that we should know about. One of them being the Master of Masters who chose six other masters (Ira, Ava, Invi, Aced, Gula, and Luxu) who he deemed worthy to be Masters. The Master of Masters wears Organization XIII robes and covers his face, so maybe it is a face we recognize. Each master was given a role from the Master of Masters. Five of the chosen are in charge of a different union, that should never be mixed together, and given the Book of Prophecies while the six, Luxu, who dresses like the Master of Masters didn’t get the book but gets the Gazing Eye Keyblade, the same keyblade that Xehanort uses (Which might be how Xehanort see's in the future or he has a copy of the Book of Prophecies) and a Black Box that he is never supposed to open. 


We don’t know what is in the box. Luxu asks what’s in the box, but the audience doesn’t know. He was surprised by the Master of Masters' answer. 

Luxu is also instructed to find a worthy keyblade wielder and pass the Gazing Eye Keyblade, that literally has the Master of Masters eye so he can see future generations and write it in the present in the book of prophecies.  He also creates a companion, Chirthy, for all keyblade wielders. I am not sure if this is important, but if it is at least I mentioned it. 

To note the Master of Masters knows the future and his goal is create a world where Darkness doesn’t exist. However, to get to the timeline The Keyblade War must happen. He accepts this for the future of the universe. 


He tells his students that there will be a Keyblade War and it is inevitable and that it will happen after he dies/disappears. Ira, one of the five given the role of leader, asks to bring members into the union and teach people to wield keyblades so they can defend themselves and possible evade the war. The Master of Masters agrees and the 5 masters have unions gain followers for each union. 


During the Master of Masters absence the masters start to believe that one of them is a traitor and like human nature they start pointing fingers with each other. Instead of being unified they divide and focus on benefiting their own union. Which eventually starts the keyblade war. 

While speculations on who the traitor occurs, Ava continues in her role to recruit keyblade wielders from different unions to the Dandelions, a group that will survive the Keyblade War. Five of the Dandelions were called to be union leaders like the current five masters and continue on raising new keyblade wielders so there is always light to fight against the darkness. 

When the Keyblade war finally occurs the Dandelions survive while the rest die out. What used to be one land divided into many worlds because of this war. The five masters die, I assume, with their union members. Their keyblades thrust into the ground from the fallen wielders, like an apocalypse. Their only space in this sacred land is in the shape of χ. This is where the finale for KH Birth by Sleep took place. 

Their is important information I probably skipped, but since I don't know what the future games have in store I am just telling what I think will be important for the future installments. So far, this games story as confused me the most, but I think I understand the lore to continue on. What Kingdom Hearts game got you lost the most? 


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