Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Sorting Team Flash into Hogwarts Houses

When Arrow was on its last few episodes, I did a fun post about sorting Team Arrow into Hogwarts houses. I’d planned to do the same when Supergirl ended (got busy with other posts and I got annoyed with Supergirl by the end of it all). with how long The Flash has been going, it seems only right to give Team Flash the Hogwarts treatment. So without further ado, Team Flash, as sorted into Hogwarts. And for simplicity, I’ll go with the season one team (they were my favorites anyway).

Barry Allen/The Flash - Gryffindor

I considered putting Barry in Hufflepuff for his unwavering loyalty to his team and Central City. However, his more prominent trait is how he runs into the line of fire without a delay, demonstrating bravery and nerve. Sometimes his Gryffindor-ness also shows up with how impulsively (note how his son went by the superhero name “Impulse”) he acts as the Flash. Kinda reminds me of a certain Harry Potter.

Iris West - Ravenclaw

The curious nature of a journalist really lends itself to Ravenclaw. When Iris really gets into being a writer, you see that come out. Not just with her curiosity, but her wisdom and wit when writing as well. She has a way with words, even if some of them (“We are the Flash”) have become subject to eye-rolling memes.

Cisco Ramon/Vibe - Hufflepuff 

Despite being a scientist, his true passion was people. Loyal to his best friend Barry or to his pseudo-sister Caitlin. Or fighting across the multiverse to help Gypsy. It was all about relationships and the best he could do for the human race (which eventually led him to ARGUS). Plus, who can say Cisco naming all the supervillains isn’t an incredibly stereotypical Hufflepuff thing to do.

Caitlin Snow - Ravenclaw

Now if I were to include Frost here, I think she’d be Slytherin. But it should be pretty obvious why I picked Ravenclaw for Caitlin. Driven by science and research, almost to a fault. Always looking for inventive ways to help the team with her knowledge of the human body and its physiological processes. Though, to be fair, I can’t say she’s too far off from some Slytherin-type behavior while obsessed with reviving Frost.

Joe West - Gryffindor

Papa Joe is all about action. As a police officer, especially when he was chief, he put leadership and bravery at the helm, doing whatever was needed to help someone. I’d say he’s the level-headed Gryffindor (like Dumbledore), instead of being the impulsive-driven Gryffindor (like Barry or Harry). But maybe some of that level-headedness just came with age.

Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash - Slytherin

How could the Reverse Flash not be Slytherin? He’s always about ambition and self-preservation (and not in a good way). He’s certainly resourceful and clever; it’s the only way he could pass as Dr. Wells. I just keep coming back to the word “ambition”... he always had to be the fastest. And then even when he was, it wasn't enough.

So now let’s see what the final season of The Flash will bring us. Maybe more Mia Queen to round out that storyline? Hopefully a resolution to whatever Diggle is doing. And maybe this is asking too much, but maybe mention if the Legends made it home? But I’m hoping they do a proper send-off, like they did with Arrow, Black Lightning, and Stargirl.  

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