Friday, January 20, 2023

Lord of the Rings Workout

We all know the best fantasy books and best movies is Lord of the Rings. We all know deep down inside that this is true. Recently, I have been seeing fans workout to reenact great moments from the movies (Link down below). In this post I will be going over workouts to best prepare you for helms deep waiting for Gandolf to arrive at the eleventh hour.

Day 1:

Climbing mount doom: 1 mile Incline treadmill.

Frodo lifts: deadlifts 75% max/10, 80% max/8, and 85% max/6.

One does not simply Lunge into Mordor: 3x10 lunges each leg.

Day 2:

Gandolf ups: 3x6 pullups.

Legolas bow pulls: 3x10 seated cable rows.

Day 3:

Helm’s Deep squats: 70% max/12, 75 max/10, 80% max/8 squats.

Gimli jumps: 3x10 box jumps.

They are taking the hobbits to Isengard: 3x30 seconds sprints.

Day 4:

Orc Push: 75% max/12, 80% max/8-10, 85% max/4-6 bench press.

Fly you fools: 3x10 fly’s medium weight.

Day 5:

This is the farthest away from home I’ve ever been: Walk for an hour. Try to walk longer than you did the prior week.


If you are looking for a workout while watching the movie, I found this on Pinterest that I found amusing.

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