Friday, November 19, 2021

Olaf Presents...

Frozen II was a really great film. But can we all agree that the best part of that movie is Olaf? ("I don't even know a Samantha!") And Olaf's best segment was when he retells the events of Frozen to the Northuldra people. Josh Gad, as Olaf, was so popular that he was asked to recap so many things, including Star Wars, Endgame, and even 2020! Disney got the bright idea to have Olaf retell five other movies in pure Olafian style! Here are the best parts of each short.

"The Little Mermaid"

Parental summary: "You'll be half a fish and you'll like it, young lady!"

Best character synopsis: "Hey, I'm Octalady. Gimme your voice for some legs!"

Grossest funny gag: Ariel sings, and spits out her larynx, hairball style. And then Octalady eats it. 

Dramatic Olaf: "Papa's an emaciated shrimp."

Summed up: "Now I'm married an have feet."


Exposition: "I stole a rock, which unbeknownst to me was actually the heart organ of a giant, raging lava lady who knocked my hook into the ocean, which takes place before the events of this story."

Potty humor: "Peeing in the ocean. Hehe!"

Breaking the 4th wall: "I know everyone here probably knows this already, but in case you don't, 🎶I am Moana!🎶"

"The Lion King"

Relatable caption: [OLAF SINGING IN FAKE ZULU]

Dose of reality: "I, Mufasa, rule in equity and justice over all my subjects. And also eat some of them!"

Questionable summary: "I must run away now. And eat bugs!"

Details, please!:
Mufasa: "Simba!"
Simba: "That explains everything!"


So THAT'S why it's special!: "This is no ordinary lamp because it's filled with a magical, blue, smoky man!"

HISHE line: "If only your dad had full authority to literally change any of the rules he came up with in the first place."

Winking nod to Robin Williams: "Now you have to live in a pot forever and learn a few modern impressions."


Easter Egg nod: "A story about a close personal friend of mine." 

Running gag: Olaf's toothy smolder

Setting summary: "A mysterious tower to hide from vindictive horses in."

It's true, though: "Look! New parents who aren't soul-crushing monsters!"

Long live Olaf. And let's hope he comes back for a second season of Olaf Presents where he retells Beauty and the BeastHunchback, Zootopia, and Wreck-It Ralph. What a warm hug that would be!

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