Friday, February 5, 2021


Recently divorced, I'm joining legions of men and women who will be single on Valentine's Day. And I've learned how important my boys are! Instead of Valentine's Day being about romantic love, for me Valentine's Day 
this year is about platonic love. So to celebrate all our single buddies, here's a list of my top 10 favorite BROMANCES! (To see a list of our favorite WOMANCES, see this link.)

10. Nick & Schmidt, New Girl

Friends since before Schmidt was a hottie, Nick and Schmidt are the epitome of the bromance. They love each other, they hang out all the time, and they make the best wingman for each other.
9. Norm & Cliff, Cheers
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. Norm and Cliff were best buddies, forever bonded by Norm's crazy bar tab and Cliff's neverending trove of useless knowledge.

8. Buzz & Woody, Toy Story

Enemies at first, best friends by the end. These two are proof that polar opposites (heck, they're not even made of the same material!) can be best buddies. You've got a friend in me!

7. Wayne & Garth,
Wayne's World
Best buddies? Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? Okay, yeah, they're best buddies. Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth. Excellent.
6. Cory & Shawn,
Boy Meets World
Before boy met world, boy met Shawn. In kindergarten! For seven seasons, as these two faced every adolescent anxiety and pubescent problem, they always always always had each other.
5. Peralta & Boyle,
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle are simply inseparable in every way. Peralta and Santiago may have the romance, but Peralta and Boyle have the true love.

4. Shawn & Gus,

Psych was never really about a fake psychic detective or about any of the cases that were presented. The heart of Psych has always been the irresistible relationship between Shawn and Gus.
3. Chandler & Joey,
Forget Ross and Rachel. Forget Monica and Chandler. The real 'ship was Joey and Miss Chanandler Bong. A modern day Oscar and Felix, Chandler and Joey were a match made in bromance heaven.

2. Troy & Abed,
Friends so close they once graced the cover of Friends Weekly, a pretend magazine of their own design. These bros were made to be together.
1. J.D. & Turk,
It's almost as if Scrubs was created with the sole purpose of showing how bromantic two guys can get. J.D. and Turk open up to each other emotionally, and physically display their affection in a way that had never been seen in entertainment before.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody, single or not. Today, we focus on the bromances. (To see a list of our favorite WOMANCES, see this link.) "It's guy love, between two guys." Sing us out, J.D. and Turk!

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