Friday, May 22, 2020

Raid: Shadow Legends- Is It Worth Clicking On?

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So you've probably seen Raid: Shadow Legends advertised across the internet more than ads for singles in your area. Well this new little segment is meant to review the plethora of free to play mobile games fighting for your attention and help you answer the question-

Is it worth clicking on?

Yet Another Fantasy Game

Raid is based in the generic fantasy setting, meaning elves, dwarves and orcs all competing for the same world. The catch is that no one race is necessarily evil, just with their own views and goals. This is necessary since nearly every creature and character you meet can be recruited onto your team, to be leveled up and equipped and thrown up against more enemies to capture, like Pokemon but with better graphics.

A combination selling point and drawback is the graphics. While absolutely beautiful, more than a few of the female characters skew towards the chain mail bikini look. Probably not great for the prepubescent crowd, or those who prefer to maintain modesty.

The game touts an engaging story, but to be honest the story to me seemed pretty generic, with some great evil guy who's trying to cause a war of some kind bla bla bla we've heard it before. This is one game you probably won't be playing for the story, unless you become intrigued by mediocrity.

The Grind of Raid

Game play Raid is the basic combat from JRPG's but sped up for the attention deficient mobile players. You fight battles to gain experience, level up to fight bigger creatures, collect loot drops to make your guys even stronger, rinse and repeat. The game play is competent if unimaginative. All the challenges are just stronger monsters with unique drops, with your choice being who you bring to the fight.

Where they Try To Get You

As with all free to play games, free to play means consistently asking for money for in-game items. Raid is actually pretty light on this. There's few ads, none of which stop the game and everything you can buy in the shop you can easily earn in game. The temptation comes when you know you can either grind for some more strength or just pay a couple bucks for a few new characters to unlock. It's the most sinister of in-game spending, where it's not play to win, but play to make the game just a little easier... for now.

The Verdict

Overall Raid: Shadow Legends is a fun to play if grindy game for mobile. It's worth checking out if you like the fantasy genre but don't want to commit to something like Witcher 3 or Skyrim. Worth checking out for something to do, and to see what characters you can get if nothing else.

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