Friday, May 8, 2020

Everything's Not Awesome

"Everything's not awesome, But that doesn't mean that it's hopeless and bleak..."

Have you seen Lego Movie 2? If not, get off your couch or chair or floor (wherever you are) and find a copy--it's $10 at Target, just FYI. I won't go into the plot details of the Lego Movie series, but that's not so important I suppose.

It's been a crazy the last couple months with quarantines and lock-downs and whatever else has been happening. It's easy to get caught up in it all (I've shared my fair share of memes, as you know if you've been watching our Facebook page). It's easy to get bummed out (even while chuckling the whole time) at all the "2020 can't get any worse" memes. I try to stay generally positive (despite life's anxieties and insecurities) and I actually generally avoid the this-year-sucks-uggghh memes. Generally just don't think that kind of humor helps me out at all.

"Everything's not awesome, but in my heart, I believe..."

Things have been rough. I actually count myself very blessed with everything that's been going on. My family hasn't been hit near as hard as many others. But whether it's this pandemic or some personal trial, there'll always be something to bring us down. Everything may not be "awesome", but it doesn't have to be the end. If we stick together and support each other, we can build a better future. Lately that's involved social distancing, but it also involves ministering to those around us. 

I typically cringe when I see Facebook spammed with the inspirational memes and quotes are preachy about positive thinking, but there is some truth to it. "Everything's not awesome" but if we give up on things getting better, it really won't be. I think it's part of having free will. We get to choose what we think about what, we get to choose how we react to life, and we get to choose the path we want to take in our lives. So while we can't change what's going on outside, we can change how we think about it. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Count your blessings. Whatever it takes.

"We can make things better if we stick together, side by side, you and I, we will build it together."

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