Friday, January 10, 2020

Sorting Team Arrow into Hogwarts Houses

After eight years, Arrow is drawing to a close. I’ll admit that it wasn’t my favorite of the Arrowverse shows (I’ve been more partial to The Flash or Legends), but it deserves its credit; if it weren’t for Arrow, we wouldn’t have the expanded Arrowverse with The Flash, Supergirl, Legends, and Batwoman (not to mention so many others that were recently retroactively incorporated with Crisis on Infinite Earths). So with Crisis concluding this week (and the last two episodes of Arrow coming shortly after), I wanted to a little Hogwarts sorting for a few of our Team Arrow favorites.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow - Slytherin
It was a bit of a toss-up for me between Gryffindor and Slytherin, but since his ambition and determination often outweighs his daring and chivalry, I figured I’d put Oliver in Slytherin. Especially in early seasons of Arrow, he didn’t might bending the rules and cutting corners to make sure justice was served. That’s a very Slytherin thing to me.

John Diggle/Spartan - Gryffindor
While Oliver was a Slytherin, his best friend was a daring and chivalrous Gryffindor. His determination to do what’s right always drove Diggle. In many ways his courage and his stalwart nature is what kept Oliver in check over the eight years they worked together. He was the first addition to Team Arrow and he always helped to keep Oliver on the straight and narrow (to use a cliche).

Felicity Smoak/Overwatch - Ravenclaw
If Felicity isn’t a Ravenclaw, I don’t know who is. She’s daring and brave as well, so I briefly considered Gryffindor. But over the seven years that she worked with Oliver, it was her wit, creativity, and ingenuity that got them out of jams. In the end, her brilliant intellect is what puts her into Ravenclaw

Malcolm Merlyn/Dark Archer - Slytherin
Just as much as Felicity is a Ravenclaw, it’s obvious to me that Merlyn is a Slytherin. From the moment he started the Undertaking, until he (presumably) died on Lian Yu, everything was a long con with him. His cunning and ambition make him an obvious choice for the snakes down in Slytherin.

Laurel Lance/Black Siren - Slytherin
I debated which Laurel to include. Earth-1, Earth-2, or both. I went with Earth-2, because I honestly enjoyed her more. She is a Slytherin through and through. Even when she became a good guy, she was a Slytherin. Whatever she set her mind to, she went for it. It started with fooling Team Arrow and then scheming with Diaz. And then when she joined the good guys, it was about getting Oliver out of prison and avenging Quentin. Nothing was more important than her ambitions (to the point that she had to be talked down multiple times).

Thea Queen/Speedy - Hufflepuff
She started out as a mild-mannered (relatively speaking) teenager, but as her life began to fall apart she turned into one of the most skilled fighters in the early stages of Team Arrow. Despite her ambition to protect herself and learning from Merlyn after her mother’s death, it’s her loyal and honest nature that puts her in Hufflepuff. She was willing to risk everything for Oliver, Roy, or whoever was in trouble. It even went to the point when she left Star City to destroy the Lazarus Pits, all because of her integrity.

There are many other members of Team Arrow that I could have sorted: Dinah, Rene, Curtis, Roy, etc. Where do you think they’d go? And bringing things back to the crossover, what predictions do you have for the last two episodes? Who will live? Who will die?

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