Tuesday, August 28, 2018

4 Power Rangers "Ships" That Should Have Sailed

Today was deemed Power Ranger Day as it's the 25th Anniversary of the franchise. It's probably one of the longest running children's franchises and it still lasts today.

Tommy and Kimberly (Mighty Morphin)
How many fans were shipping Tommy and Kimberly as kids? Even before shipping was a term. Kimberly had an interest in Tommy from the start and was heart broken when she learned he was the evil Green Ranger. Then broken anew when he lost his powers. She even fainted when he reappeared as the White Ranger. They were meant to be and even dated for a bit, but then Kimberly left for the Pan Global Games. Unfortunately, after she left, Kimberly met someone while training in Florida. There was no mention of this during her appearance in the Turbo Movie, but in the meantime Kat and Tommy got together for a bit (they even appeared married in a possibel future in "A Season to Remember"). But by the time of "Forever Red" and Dino Thunder, Tommy still appeared single.

Zhane and Karone (Space)
It was short lived, but while Karone was Astronema, she had a thing for Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger. She was later revealed to be Andros's sister and (after some brainwashing) she was returned to the side of good. The unfortunate thing is that after Andros, Zhane, and Karone returned to KO-35, we never saw what happened to their relationship. Karone later appeared as the Pink Galaxy Ranger in Lost Galaxy and Super Megaforce and there was no mention of Zhane... so we can only suppose it never worked out.

Wes and Jen (Time Force)
This one was almost like a weird Oedipus Complex. Jen was engaged to Alex, who appeared to be a distant descendant of Wes, while still in the year 3000, but then when Jen wen to 2001 and met Wes... well, it wasn't love at first sight. It was more like shock at first sight. She actually had a hard time taking down her walls with him, because of how similar he looked. But after all the time in 2001, her walls were down enough and she'd become level-headed enough that she was obviously feeling for Wes. But of course to protect the timeline she had to return to 3000.

Blake and Tori (Ninja Storm)
After the Thunder Rangers joined the Wind Rangers, they became a tight knit team. Around half-way through the series though, Blake and Tori seemed to have a little bit of a spark. A few episodes in the last quarter of the season had to do specifically with some jealousy going back and forth for a little bit. After Lothor was defeated, Blake and his brother returned to the Thunder Ninja academy and nothing seemed to happen with Tori. At the very least, nothing significant was referenced in the Dino Thunder crossover or "Once a Ranger".

Who would you have wanted together? Personally, I'd even be satisfied if there's even a reference to an off-screen relationship between any of these. Maybe Tommy or Wes will mention one on the anniversary special tonight? Doubtful, but I can wish.

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