Thursday, August 9, 2018

5 Things in Pokemon that Make No Sense

Being a 20+ year franchise, it's inevitable that there are some inconsistencies in the Pokemon world (games, anime, etc). But some of them are funnier than others.

Slow on the Uptake
So it's relatively normal on Pokemon Go for the average Pokemon to run away after failed capture attempts. What doesn't make sense is the super slow ones: Slowpoke and Slakoth. Slowpoke are notoriously slow (hence the name). Blue Version even states that it takes Slowpoke 5 seconds to feel pain. Other Pokedex entries state that it doesn't feel pain when bitten. So if Slowpoke is that slow to respond to pain, how does he run away from a Pokeball? Similarly with Slakoth. The Pokemon can't even attack 50% of the time because it's so slow... so how is this Pokemon able to run away when someone tries to catch it?

Fish Out of Water
This isn't such a big deal in the anime (we even have explicit lines about it) but throughout all the games we get fish Pokemon fight on land. Magikarp, Goldeen, Feebas, etc. Any and all of them fight on land in the games. How is Goldeen supposed to fight any Pokemon when all it can do is bounce and flop?

More Zords than Power Rangers
Late in the Johto series, it's explicit that our Team Rocket trio doesn't have any money. In fact, they are very in debt to to Giovanni (so Delibird comes swooping around every few episodes). So if Team Rocket has so little money, how are they buying brand new Meowth balloons every episodes (sometimes more than once per episode) and new digging/stealing machines every other episode. Those things aren't cheap and yet they never have money to pay back Giovanni or to buy food.

Going on a Walk-ish
In HeartGold/SoulSilver and Pokemon Go you get the chance to walk around with your Pokemon. Funny thing is that you can choose fish Pokemon and chrysalis Pokemon to walk with you. I love the concept, but how exactly does it make sense to drag a Metapod or a Magikarp behind you and call it a "walk"?

The Ultimate Retcon
In the Pokemon anime we have often have glimpses of the next Generation, especially towards the end of a region. In Kanto/Orange Islands, we saw Togepi, Ho-Oh, Lugia, etc. In Johto, we saw Latias, Latios, and Wynaut. In Hoenn, we got Lucario and Manaphy. In Sinnoh, we saw Zoroark. Unova region saw Genesect. And Kalos had Magearna.
Besides these special circumstances, we don't often see newer Pokemon in older regions. However, we often see older Pokemon in newer generations. For example, May caught a Bulbasaur in Hoenn and Dawn had Cyndaquil/Quilava. To a large extent, we see this in the games too. Even in the remakes, we mostly only see the original Pokemon from that game and the generations before... nothing new. Just seems kind of odd that we'd have so many more Pokemon available in Kalos and Alola than Kanto ever had back in the day.

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