Sunday, July 8, 2018

Spoiler-Free Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

On the heels of the epic adventure of “Avengers: Infinity War”, we had another Marvel story get released to theaters just this weekend.  My wife and I went to see it Saturday, so I wanted to share a few thoughts about it here. I’ll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible, but if you’re super sensitive to spoilers, here’s your review: If you liked the original “Ant-Man” movie, go see it. Similar style and strong humor. Definitely a must-see movie. PSA: Two credit scenes

This movie was a breath of fresh air. I loved “Infinity War” but I don’t think anyone would argue that it was heavy and intense. Just like his origin story, this movie definitely played on a lot of humor. Still plenty of action, fights, and story, but it was light enough that it was kind of a lighter feel compared to “Infinity War” and the Marvel TV shows. And maybe it was just the week I had, but I needed a nice easy movie.

The unfortunate thing about this movie was that it came so close behind “Infinity War” that I felt like it was kind of lost in its shadow; the hype for “Infinity War” was so huge and then I felt like there was so little hype for “Ant-Man and the Wasp”. I’m certainly not Disney’s marketing team, but I would have thought it’d be a better movie for this fall, to start building hype up again for the next Avengers.

A strength and weakness of the movie was the number of complexities in the story. In some ways there were so many parties in the movie to keep track of. At the same time, the number of involved groups kind of kept things interesting and added to the comedy. I need to go see it again to keep everything straight (or not, because then it’s funny).

I guess in the end, this movie only reinforced how much I like Ant-Man as a character. His origin story is still one of my favorite Marvel movies and this one was a perfect follow-up to it and his appearance in “Civil War”. Paul Rudd is also just a great actor; he’s only gotten better since Friends. Also, again, PSA: Two credit scenes

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