Friday, July 6, 2018

Pokemon Theories (3)

I'm back with some more Pokemon Theories (I was gonna do a Pokemon Timeline, but it seemed redundant, since I can just cite one of the videos that I've linked later on). But anyway, here I go.

Theory: Ash never ages because of Ho-Oh. I'm not actually a huge fan of this theory (because it doesn't account for the rest of the world), but it would make sense. Anyway, in Gen IV and Gen V, Ho-Oh's Pokedex entry says "It is said that those who see Ho-Oh are promised an eternal happiness." So the theory goes that when Ash saw Ho-Oh in the very first episode of the series, he was promised happiness, which for a brand-new, 10-year-old, over-eager Pokemon trainer could likely be to keep traveling in his youth forever. Although, this wish doesn't account for everyone else not aging. But whatever. I'd more likely subscribe to each episode being roughly a day or two, which means it's been about 4 years since Episode 1. So the aging process is just subtle enough that it's not noticeable with the animation. (Source: Geek and Sundry)

There's a theory that Red (main character of Gen I games and remakes) is dead when you battle him in Gen II and their remakes. He's been at the top of a mountain for who knows how long and he doesn't say a word. So the theory says that this is actually his ghost commanding his Pokemon. However, as he appears in the Gen V sequels and in Gen VII, this theory is kind of debunked (unless you're assuming the Battle Tree and Pokemon Champion Tournament have him as a ghost too.... but that's a stretch). (Source: Reddit)

This theory is kind of extensive (I found multiple YouTube videos on it), so I'll try to keep it brief. A consistent fixture of the main series Pokemon games since Gen IV has been the Looker. Because of the sporadic timeline of the Pokemon games we kind of get his story out of order (see CandyEvie's video for an explanation of the timeline). The furthest back we see him chronologically is OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire. At this point, he's washed up on the shore of the Battle Resort with amnesia. We get no reasoning as to this, but I saw a really good explanation to it:
OR/AS happens concurrently with Gen I and in Gen I we see a Global Police agent on the SS Anne. Could this agent be Looker? That's the theory. And then when Kyogre's storm starts raging in AlphaSapphire, the SS Anne capsized (per the anime event) and/or Looker got washed overboard and ended up in Hoenn. And it's after that point that we see him in Platinum and then Black/White, X/Y, and Sun/Moon in succession (interesting that he never pops up in concurrent games except Kanto/Hoenn). (Source: Ovi; BulbaTube)

In Kalos, as the Fairy-type Pokemon were discovered, we quickly got a Fairy-type gym leader: Valerie. We learn that she's from Johto, not Kalos. Very likely she's a Kimino Girl (or at least related to them), who use the different Eeveelutions. Bill's mother was a Kimino Girl. Especially with a 5+ year gap between Gen II and Gen VI, it's reasonable to think she could be Bill's little sister from the Gen II and its remakes. Valerie even has Sylveon, the latest evolution of Eevee, the central point for Bill (as it's his favorite Pokemon) and the Kimino Girls. (Source: Bird Keeper Toby)

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