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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 9

Runaways Season 1 is over, SHIELD is on its way into Season 5, and Black Panther is only a month away. Sounds like a perfect time to do some more Marvel (not that I need a reason). So this time it’s the first part of Agents of SHIELD Season 3 and our introduction to the sassy Jessica Jones.

Agents of SHIELD: Season 3 (Ep. 1-8)

The Terrigen-infested fish oil pills have made their rounds, resulting in random Inhumans throughout the world. SHIELD collects Joey Gutierrez. Coulson confronts the ATCU’s leader, Rosalind Price. Daisy/Skye try to recruit Lincoln, but they get attacked by Lash Deducing Simmons was transported through space, SHIELD recruits Randolph for help. SHIELD opens the monolith’s portal and Fitz retrieves Simmons. Hunter and May track Ward. Simmons struggles adjusting back to Earth. Coulson reaches out to Rosalind. Lash kills various Inhumans. Ward threatens Garner’s life if May and Hunter don't release him.

Simmons recalls the events on Maveth to Fitz. Six months previous, Simmons finds herself stranded on Maveth. After a month, Simmons is captured by Will. Avoiding a monster, Simmons and Will comfort each other. During a rare sunrise, Simmons sees Fitz’s flare, Will gets attacked, and Simmons gets rescued. In the present day, Fitz begins working on getting to Maveth.

Garner survives assassination. Rosalind takes Coulson to the ATCU and finds she has dozen of Inhumans. Von Strucker tells May that Garner turned into a monster. Simmons talk to Fitz about Maveth. May confronts and captures Garner. Ward teams up with Malick. Fitz and Simmons discover that Hydra sent Will to Maveth. Hunter and Bobbi discover ATCU has been creating Inhumans with the fish oil. Malick tells Ward about Hive.

The Inhuman attacking Inhumans
Random Trivia/Connections:
  • The events in New York (“The Avengers”), London (“The Dark World”), DC (“The Winter Soldier”), Sokovia (“Age of Ultron”), and San Francisco (“Ant-Man”) are mentioned in “Laws of Nature”.
  • The death of Wolfgang von Strucker, in “Age of Ultron”, is referenced in “Purpose in the Machine”.
  • Malick was previously on the World Security Council in “The Avengers”.

So after the release of the Terrigen at the end of Season 2, this was the logical direction to go. However, one thing I didn’t like about where SHIELD went from this point on is that every person with powers is now Inhuman. Before this, we had synthetic powers (Mike Peterson/Deathlok), natural powers (Chan Ho Yin/Scorch), and powers of unknown origin (Carl Creel/Absorbing Man). After the Inhuman outbreak, it’s assumed that anyone with powers is Inhuman. It kind of got dull for me in a way. Besides that, I liked it. I enjoyed the backstory to Hydra, dating further back than Red Skull.

Private Eye: Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones: Season 1 (Ep. 1-13)
Like I did with “Daredevil”, I’m going to provide a parent guide for “Jessica Jones”. Unlike “Daredevil” Season 1, there are three sex scenes in “Jessica Jones”. If you see anything you think needs to be in the parent guide, let me know so I can add it. Assume profanity, violence, and blood for all episodes.

Jessica Jones works as a private eye, a year after Kilgrave’s supposed death. Jessica gets hired to find Hope. Jessica meets Luke Cage and spends the night with him. Jessica finds Hope, who kills her parents at Kilgrave’s order. Jessica asks Hogarth to take Hope’s case. Jessica researches Kilgrave’s missing year. Luke and Jessica reveal their powers to each other.

Jessica remembers killing Reva. Jessica steals anesthesia to use on Kilgrave. Jessica saves Trish from being killed by controlled Simpson. Jessica and Simpson team up. Jessica interviews possible Kilgrave victims. Jessica learns that Malcolm has been Kilgrave’s photographer. Flashback eighteen months: Jessica saves Malcom and gets discovered by Kilgrave. In the present, Jessica, Trish, and Simpson put a plan together to capture Kilgrave. While enacting the plan, they get chased and Kilgrave is freed. Jessica makes a deal for Malcolm’s freedom.

Kilgrave buys Jessica’s childhood home. Luke asks for Jessica’s help. Hope aborts Kilgrave’s unborn child. Luke seeks the bus driver who killed his wife. Jessica tells Luke the truth about his wife’s death. Jessica threatens Hogarth’s wife into divorcing her. Kilgrave uses his powers to avoid having Jessica put in prison. Kilgrave takes Jessica to her home. Kilgrave gives Jessica information on his past. Jessica tries to teach Kilgrave to be a hero, but gives up. With Kilgrave captive, Jessica tries to get proof of his powers. Jessica finds Kilgrave’s parents. Kilgrave forces his mother to kill herself. Kilgrave escapes. Jessica learns she is immune.

Kilgrave goes to Hogarth's wife for treatment. Kilgrave’s father works on an antidote. Hogarth’s lover saves her. Kilgrave blackmails Jessica into getting his father. Flashback years ago: Jessica moves in with Trish and discovers her strength. Today, Jessica searches morgues for Kilgrave’s father. Simpson attacks Jessica and she’s saved by Trish. Kilgrave blows up Luke’s bar. After increasing his powers, Kilgrave orders Luke to kill Jessica. Claire Temple treats Luke at the hospital. Attempting to control her again, Kilgrave lets his guard down and Jessica kills him. With Kilgrave dead, Jessica supposes she could perhaps be a hero.

Jessica succeeds in killing Kilgrave. Or did she? Find out in March.
Parent Guide:
  • Episode 1: Sex scene between Luke and Jessica; immodestly dressed women; allusions to rape
  • Episode 3 -- Sex scene between Luke and Jessica; immodestly dressed women
  • Episode 5 -- Sexual innuendo in flashback; sex scene between Trish and Simpson
  • Episode 6 -- bedroom scene of Luke and Jessica; Hope mentions having an abortion; drug trafficking
  • Episode 9 -- sexual innuendo; references to rape
Random Trivia/Connections:
  • During her interview with Hope in “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”, Trish references the Battle of New York and the Avengers.
  • Jessica and her attacker further reference the events of “The Avengers” in “AKA 99 Friends”. The Hulk and Captain America are both alluded to specifically.
  • A child in a Captain America costume is seen in “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me”.
  • Brett Mahoney, who Jessica meets in “AKA Top Shelf Perverts”, appears on a recurring basis in “Daredevil”.
  • Claire Temple, originally appearing in “Daredevil”, appears in “AKA Smile”.
This has by far been my favorite Netflix series that Marvel has done. Perhaps it’s because of Jessica Jones’s sass and humor. Perhaps it’s a little celebrity crush. Regardless, I really liked this series. Also, it was really hard for me to watch this show with David Tennant as the villain. He’s been my favorite Doctor for five years now, so to see him as a villain (and an incredibly well done villain at that) was wonderful and horrible. Granted I've never dealt with PTSD, but in my opinion this show does a wonderful job addressing it, especially in the aftermath of rape.

The one thing I’d change from this show is the sex scenes. Bedroom scenes don’t add to the show for me. If we had a make-out with a bedroom door closing behind, we’d have the same result in my mind. Overall great series though. Can’t wait for season 2 this year.

What did you think of the Inhuman outbreak? Any thoughts on Jessica Jones? What do you hope to see in Season 2?

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