Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pokémon Theories (2)

Last month, we got a brand new Pokémon game (and the last for the 3DS). So in honor of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, I’ve got some more Pokémon theories for you today.

In Generation V, a legendary pseudo-synthetic Pokémon named Genesect was introduced. It’s said that its original DNA was from an ancient Pokémon. Now go look at Genesect alongside Kabutops from Generation I. They’re both the same general shape and Kabutops is an ancient/extinct Pokémon. Simple evidence and I’m going to believe it until someone proves it wrong. (Source: Creeps Plays)

Next theory is about Haunter and Voltorb. The theory goes that Voltorb (and I guess Electrode as an extension) I just a Pokéball possessed by a Haunter. The eyes are almost the same between Voltorb and Haunter, so it would kind of make sense. Screen Rant further theorizes that Haunter just got stuck in the Pokéball, making it a weird genderless Pokémon/Pokéball hybrid. I don’t buy into this theory personally, but it’s still fun. (Source: Screen Rant)

Clefable and Gengar seem to genuine be opposites of each other. So some people believe Gengar is Clefable’s shadow. If you look at a silhouette of Clefable, it makes sense. They look very similar. More evidence includes Gengar’s classification as the “shadow” Pokémon. One more thing that “Creeps Plays” points out is that until Pokémon X/Y, when Fairy type was added, Clefable and Gengar were opposite types, unable to hit each other. (Source: Creeps Plays)

I’m not too familiar with Generation V (I’ve played through White and I’m working on Black2), but there is a character on White/Black named N. The theory goes that he is a Zoroark in disguise. Zoroark can mimic Pokémon (and I presume people as well?) so it’s reasonable to think he could take human form in N. We also know that N can communicate with Pokémon, which would make sense if he’s really a Pokémon. Finally, there’s a point in Black2/White2 (which I haven’t reached yet) where you see a flashback of N, but instead of N appearing, you see a mysterious Zoroark. I can give more input on this when I reach that part of Black2, but that’s all for now. (Source: Screen Rant)
Next is that the Kalos Elite Four is evil (or at least supportive) of Team Flare. Never mind the fact that one member of the Elite Four in Kalos is part of Team Flare. Also look at the fact that Diantha (the Champion) is chummy with Lysandre. After just re-playing Pokémon Y, I’m not sure I buy into this theory, because Diantha seems surprised about how fiendish and evil Lysandre is. I also noticed in my recent playthrough that people are still scared and worried about Team Flare, despite not helping to stop them. (Source: Pokémon Insider)

Another theory by Pokémon Insider is about Drasna and Cynthia. Drasna, member of the Elite Four in Kalos (Gen VI), mentions that her family comes from another region, where she was brought up on stories of time (Dialga) and space (Palkia). This hints that she could very likely be related to Cynthia, who is from Celestic Town in the Sinnoh Region (where “the past lives on”). Depending on how you look at the timeline of the Pokémon games, Drasna could even be the unnamed younger sister of Cynthia from Diamond and Pearl. Cynthia’s family is known for dragon-type training, so it would make sense that they’d both be dragon-type trainers. (Source: Pokémon Insider)

So I thought I’d run out of Pokémon theories, but I guess I still have more in my arsenal. Still need to track down sources for them, so I’ll let this post as is and come back with another Pokémon theory post another time. One of the ones I have yet to address is why Ash is ageless (and no, it’s not a coma) and the identity of Valerie, the Fairy-Type Gym Leader in Pokémon X/Y.

Any fun theories you subscribe to? 

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