Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New tees from Novatees!

May the 4th be with you!
What better way to celebrate then with some new amazing Star Wars tee shirts!

When last we visited Novatees they were a small starter company with a handful of amazing and unique geeky tees.

Since then this company has become a significant presence at several Comic Cons, each time with a thick crowd around them reminiscent of a swarm of geeky bees. I've personally loved my Pikathor and Teenage Mutant Ninja Zombie shirts, and with as often as I've worn them they've yet to wear out like most of my shirts from other distributors, so quality and geekery!

What makes this company so popular? Let's take a look! Remember to sign up for email alerts so that you can get great discounts on these fantastic tee shirts.

Boba Fett
Part of the Dark Side collection, we start with the titular bounty hunter in all his bad-to-the-bone glory. Blaster in hand with just a splash of red for the visor, this is a fanboys dream, and a certain smuggler's worst nightmare.

Darth Vader
Here we get both aspects of the legendary Sith warrior. On the left the dark helmet that struck terror into the citizens of the Empire. On the right, the eyes of a father looking at his son for the first time with his own eyes. It's cool, its dark, it's moving, and it's the perfect prize for lovers of the classic Star Wars and the dark side.

Support the Troops
A play on the classic saying, here's another salute to the Dark Side with a First Order Stormtrooper. Take down the New Republic in this slick tee from The Force Awakens and maybe you won't get harassed the next time your moving illegal droids through Tattooine.

Team Stark and Team Rogers
Along with May the 4th this week we see the opening of Captain America: Civil War. Support your side of the battle with your team's tee. Both done in identical style, these tees make it very easy to know who to beat up after the movie.

The Game is Over
Last but not least is Deadpool sitting on the Iron Throne with Vader's helmet underneath his boot. If anyone would be crazy enough to take on the Empire and Westeros and win I would bet on Deadpool. This tee shirt is hilarious and a great mash-up of three different medias.

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