Friday, May 6, 2016

Spoiler-Free Captain America Civil War Review

Happy Civil War weekend! Or, as one coworker put it, happy Marvel Christmas! This was easily one of the most hyped movies of the year (the other was Batman v. Superman, but we won't talk about that one... Primarily because I haven't seen it). I'm going to do my best to do a spoiler-free removes, but seeing as different people will define a spoiler slightly differently, this is the only thing I can say 100% sure without chance of spoiler: if you enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, go see this movie. The flow of he story is beautiful and you won't regret it.

Now into content that some may deem spoilery. If you're super sensitive to spoilers (I'm considering anything in the promos to be non-spoilers at this point), this is your stop and I'll see you on Tuesday for a nice little rant about Once Upon a Time. For the rest of you, let's get into Civil War.

Still with me? Ok. Let's get moving. Like I said earlier, the flow of the story was great. With all of the advertised character returning (Iron Man, War Machine, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, etc.) and with all the new heroes they were introducing (Black Panther and Spider-Man) that it would feel choppy for forced. In fact, until the last week before the movie, I wasn't sure we'd see Black Panther out of his costume. However, I was actually very impressed with how they introduced him. It flowed perfectly for the story and it actually got me excited to see his movie. Still have to wait two years for that one though.

Now I have one caveat to what I just said about the flow: Spider-Man. I enjoyed seeing Tom Holland as Spider-Man and I think he did a good job, but unlike Black Panther, I felt like Peter Parker's introduction did feel forced. That being said, I'm still willing to give him a chance when his movie comes out next year. Though I am tired of Spider-Man reboots... But that's a rant for another time.

I liked the inclusion of Agent Sharon Carter. Though her role in "Captain America: Winter Soldier" was somewhat limited, she was wonderful in this movie. I hope we see her again in the future. I think she'd be a wonderful addition to "Avengers: Infinity Wars" or maybe we could see her working with the CIA (which we saw that she was doing at the end of "Winter Soldier") in Wakanda in "Black Panther".

If you read my second MCU post, you'll know that I mentioned General Ross in my synopsis of "The Incredible Hulk". Well, the annoying general returns and he's just as annoying and arrogant as ever. I won't get into that right now, as to avoid spoilers, but I'll just say that he did a good job of making me hate him anew.

Overall, I'd recommend seeing this movie (in fact I'm seeing it two more times in the coming week). Some movies that I'd recommend watching in preparation would be "Captain America: Winter Soldier" (to get set up on Bucky), "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (to get some backstory on the New Avengers), and "Ant-Man" (to get his backstory). Or if you have the time, just watch the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don't have the time and I'm doing it.

What were your thoughts on Civil War? Do you agree with my analysis? Keep the comments spoiler-free, in consideration for the poor souls who haven't seen the movie yet (I'm looking at you, Joe). That's all for now. I'll be back Tuesday with hat little rant about Once Upon a Time (unless this week's episode is extremely good).

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