Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Why still go to Salt Lake Comic Con?

As I was getting ready for Comic Con this year between my irritating cold and getting ready for my vacation after, I found less of my friends would be joining me than usual. The reasons were understandable, job obligations,finances, but the underlying reason I kept hearing was "Why bother? I've been the last several times, plus celebrity X wouldn't be there this year".

I thought about this as I loaded up on Day Quill in order to function, about how easy it would be to skip since all I usually end up doing is wander the convention floor. So I went the first day figuring if it was too much for my fevered mind I can skip the rest of the days and catch up on my Once Upon a Time.

Then I remembered why I go.

In my normal day I have to be a (relatively) professional adult, at work and at church ect. When I want to geek I either have to do it by myself or find one of my geeky friends who are also usually busy being adults. I love my passions, but rarely can I find anyone who's into Supernatural AND DC Comics AND Disney AND Monster High and the pile of other things I'm into...

...until I get to Comic Con.

When I'm there I'm not alone. For one of the few times in my life I'm just like everyone else. I'm not a weirdo or a geek, I'm a person with passions, and those passions are shared with the people around me. It's a nice feeling to get to be the full me, unrestrained and uninhibited.

I know I usually cover all the things I saw, but frankly that's being covered by my fellow Mormon Geeks. The biggest thing I got this year was a renewed sense of community, a recharge to my imagination, and of course some awesome art prints.


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