Wednesday, September 16, 2015

T.J.'s Statement to Hypocrites

Author's Note: I, T.J. Bronley, believe I am a hypocrite. If I had a penny for every time I was hypocritical about something, I could probably end the U.S. deficit. My attempt is to vent about something that is bothering me, something I see strongly as hypocritical. And, as usual, I have my sarcastic humor interspersed with my personal opinion. Remember, this is an opinionated blog and not a fact-based historical document.

(Aside: Look how superior Gonzo is to everyone.)

Here's my issue: It is on my nerves when people post on social media what I perceive to be some sort of personal superiority in not liking sports or even not paying attention to sports because it's "not worth their time".

I grew up in a family that loves sports. Above all, my family was a football family. My dad always wanted to play football, but his mother was afraid of broken bones and wouldn't let him. One of my earlier football related memory is around 1987 or 1988 when my dad was getting ready for church and I was in his room watching the Rams with him (more than likely they lost that game, it is the Rams of the late-80s sadly enough.) But with this memory is me just deciding to go into his room and watch it with him. No "This is what I'm watching so deal with it." Nothing about "This is football. Bronleys watch football." And he definitely never said "Watch football or you're in trouble."

My brothers and I all played football in high school. (I only played my Freshman year, which took some pushing from my oldest brother. Then I got lazy...well....lazier.) My dad's a Saints fan, mostly for Drew Brees. My mom was an Eagles fan. My sister is a Niner fan married to a Bucks fan. My oldest brother is a Rams fan married to a major Seahawks fan with their sons split with them. (That is one house divided.) My other brother was a Lions and somewhat of a Raiders fan...I think. He doesn't get as into it (or anything) as the rest of us. And of course, I love my San Diego Chargers no matter how much they annoy me yearly.

I know many-a-geek who hates sports (and most often football). "My dad made me watch with him!" is many times the complaint. "Why is it socially acceptable to get emotional distraught when your team loses the Super Bowl, but when my favorite character dies in a book/TV show I am not allowed to cry?" And then there are my favorite (read: least appreciative) times when people say things like "My (child) told me he/she didn't know today was the Big Game until friends at church reminded them. #winningatparenting."

I'm actually gonna dissect the truth and lie found in each of these three concepts.

First, your dad made you watch with him? You mean he attempted to find a way to bond with you in a way he knew. Perhaps he was waiting until you were old enough to express what you would rather do. Shoot, if I'm with my dad on Thanksgiving or any Sunday of the fall, I'm hoping the TV gets turned on and we're watching football. But he also knows I enjoy nerdy-trivia games because he, like me, has his nerdy side. And this goes beyond my dad. If the games aren't on around my sister or oldest brother I'm wondering if they have fevers. But for my other brother, if we don't have our Magic cards, then it's a waste of time together. This is just how we are. And we all know this.

As for the emotional toll that the Super Bowl takes on people, it's real. But it's no more socially unacceptable than someone tearing up when Andy gives Woody away at the end of Toy Story 3. Seriously, I can't not have tears on my face for that. So why do people get to take the day off after the Super Bowl but not after the season finale of Grey's Anatomy? A couple reason. For you LDS people who forget what other cultures are like, more than likely those post-Big Game absences are alcohol-related. Shocker! Were you drinking whilst watching the finale? Pretty doubtful. Also, I've watched people yell at the TV during everything from Doctor Who to Friends. So, yeah, it's acceptable in my book.

Why? How can some "silly" game have the same emotional effect as Ross and Rachel breaking up or finally getting together? Well, it doesn't. Here's the thing about football teams and most sports teams, we as spectators and fans are emotionally invested in the team. I may not know all my players or their lives, but I know that I like seeing them succeed. If you're gonna cry because Amy chose life in the past with Rory over traveling all of time and space with the Doctor, than you have my permission to bawl your eyes out. But don't ever shame someone for yelling or even crying tears of joys at their team or the refs or the Patriots.

To the parents who say things like "My child would rather read than even watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials #winningatparenting" I have something to say. You seem to have an uncultured child. can be cultural? Yep, and in the great nation of the United States of America there are 32 American football teams that each have a culture around them. This number goes up when you include college football teams. And we get exponentially higher when we add high school and pee wee.

(Aside: Look how sad Van Gogh is that you think culture doesn't involve sports.)

Yes, I get that football fans can get annoying. But you know what, there isn't a single person who posts semi-regularly on Facebook that has never had anyone ever annoyed at them. "I'm sure you're wrong, T.J." Really? Let's find things that most people have posted that have annoyed others: Comments praising a politician, pro-pretty-much-any-political-standing, religious comments, anti-religious comments, cat pictures, YouTube videos, memes memes memes, ice bucket challenge, who's eating what, kids' first day of school, and who knows what else. But really, is it worth mentioning how I'm better for not doing the ice bucket challenge followed by showing pics of my cute kids on their first day of school? Not really. If I don't like your post, I don't click "like". I don't comment my annoyance. I move on....and apparently hypocritically write a blog post about it instead. :) See, told you I recognize my own hypocrisy.

Go Chargers! Go Aggies! Go Trojans! For my neighbors: Go Cougs! Go Utes! For my family: Go Niners! Go Rams! Go Saints! Go Lions! Go Bucks! Go Seahawks! And for the rest of you: Go (Your Team's Name Here)!

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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