Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Post-Steam Summer Sale-retrospect

Bastion-a game I heard was fun
I don't even want to know how much I spent this summer on the Steam Summer Sale, where half the games on my wishlist drop down to $1. All I know is that I have a pile of new games and like a kid after Christmas I don't know what to play with first.

When the sale started, I noticed that I had nearly 50 games on my wishlist (modest compared to some I know), but about half of those were games that I had no idea why they were on there in the first place. I'm sure more than a couple came from watching "Games you might not have tried" videos those nice folks over at Extra Credits like to make, but as I watched the sales my wishlist started dropping down both from buying things AND kicking them off.

I kinda learned how to play D&D 3.0 from this game. 
Fast forward to Monday when the sale was over and I looked over my games library and found five or six games I flat out didn't recognize, as well as several games I had once upon a time spent a lot of money on but never played past the intro. I honestly felt bad, sitting here with a massive pile of games I never play but just sit there on my Steam list.

So why on Earth did I spend an embarrassing amount of money last week?

Talking to friends I've found I'm not the only one with a back catalog of unplayed or underplayed games. I'm starting to wonder if Steam has become the new toy box for adults, we scream and we beg and we budget to get the shiniest newest game, or in Steam's case, early access to what will hopefully become a shiny toy, then we forget about it three hours later, letting it sit forever on our Steam library gathering digital dust.

Looking at the old Seam library now I can count at least 20 of my 71 games I haven't put more than ten hours in, which ten hours may seem like much for any normal activity but for gaming these days it'll barely get you to the main story. All of them I want to play with, almost desperately, but sadly with a full schedule of school, work, writing musings for this blog, and cooking Costco meatballs, finding time for these guys is becoming harder and harder.

Just for a lark, here are some games I have spent less than an hour with:

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Small World 2

Jurassic Park: The Game

Breath of Death VII


Half Minute Hero

Icewind Dale

The Ship

Space Farmers
I complain a lot about Star Wars but this may be my favorite
part of the extended universe, and occasionally trumps the
original films when I'm in a bad enough mood. 

Now granted, some of these I've played before just not on Steam, but then why do I have them?

Okay let's do something interesting besides listen to me whine about having too many games and be a complete first world gravy balloon. Have you ever played any of these? In the comments below tell me a game from this list that you've played and tell me weather or not it should become my new obsession. If anything turns my fancy I'll do an entire Mormon Geeks post on that game.

Also, what's on your Steam list you've yet to get around to playing?



  1. Bastion is pretty awesome but really has to be played with a controller. If you have a wired XBox 360 controller, you're set. The artwork is great and the music is beautiful.

  2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is the only game on your list that I've played, though it is one of my all time favorite games, so I definitely highly recommend it (that being said, I have yet to play the copy I bought on Steam last year. Lol).

  3. I second Knights of the Old Republic. Great game. I've bought it 3 times. Once on Mac, once on Steam, and now on my phone.