Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Next Chapter

My family and I moved this past week. It closed a large piece of my life. From the day we closed on buying our condo in 2009 to the day we closed on selling it recently, it was six years and one day. Seriously loving the poetic bookends of that time frame.

The last six years had their ups and downs. We had some good times and some difficult times. Even some scary times. But now that part of my life is closed and gone. There is definitely some sadness. Despite how difficult it seemed to feel a part of the ward community I was in, it definitely was very sad to leave the friendships I built my last couple of years there.

But now it's time to start anew. I think there are some TV shows that do this concept well. Arrow being at the top of my list. For the first three seasons, there was an overarching story. When it was done, the story moved on. Characters developed and they went with the story line.

Eureka was a show I felt did this really well. With its five seasons (two of which being split into two halves), it constantly would tell a different story. As one of my favorite shows, the characters grew and fell. It was both awesome and heart-wrenching when the 4th season premiere undid some of the character developing (Mostly with Zane) in an awesome "butterfly effect". And by the time the show ended, it had a great story from beginning to end.

Other TV shows have done this and just let the viewers down. Heroes and, to some extent, Alias both did this. Yes, each season had a good overarching story. For Alias, it's first two seasons were awesome. Then they did season three, rich with time frame errors and ending with an awesome cliff hanger only to have a disappointing opening for its next season that didn't fit what Sidney learned.

Lost took its sweet time telling its story to the point that people "Lost" interest. Its fantastic first season was followed up by a decent second season. My interest dropped in the third season. There was a statement made that the writers knew where they were going with the story. Then I found out, the only thing that meant was they knew how they were ending it, but not how to get there and how to answer the still 4,000,000 unanswered questions in the show.

Even comedies have told stories in a season. Friends probably did this strongest from season 1's story of "Ross likes Rachel, so what?" to season 4's "Ross and Rachel have moved on, maybe" to the combo of 9 and 10 for "Ross and Rachel and how do they deal with being a parent to a rarely seen baby."Not the same season arcs that Arrow, Eureka, or even Lost told. But still an arc nevertheless.

Well, now my 6-year arc is over in one home. Yes, I hope to see the people I became friends within that time frame as often as possible. For me, a lot happened in those years. I feel like I grew a lot in that time. But now it's time for the next chapter or season or book in my life. Between earning my CMA, LDStorymakers, and moving, this year has already been extremely full.

And the nice thing is, for the first time this year, I may actually have free time to write. Maybe I'll be able to work on my drawing skills some more. Hopefully we'll get caught up on the last 8 episodes of The Flash (DON'T JUDGE ME!)

Okay, enough rambling about writing. Time to actually write something other than a blog post.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.

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