Monday, November 10, 2014

The Less Obvious Lesson

The only word I really have for yesterday is "unique". On the scale of "good to bad", this unique day leans toward the good.

I can't go into too much (or much at all) about my ward's bishopric meeting. But there was a moment when we were discussing something and I felt like I should give some input. As the discussion continued on, I hadn't said much. To be fair, I didn't feel like it was my place to speak. And then as the conversation quieted, I realized that I was supposed to open my mouth. 

It doesn't matter what I said. It really doesn't matter if my suggestion and thoughts are what's going to happen. What matters most is that I opened my mouth. I am not an extrovert by nature. I'm fairly introverted until I get comfortable with my setting. And in bishopric, being the executive secretary with no prior experience, I don't know what I can and cannot say. Or should or shouldn't say. However you wanna look at it. 

Looking at that moment, I did wonder if what I said was stupid or completely off base. And I thought, why would I feel impressed to say it if it's not the course of action that is going to taken? What was the point of it?

There's that lesson that everyone needs to learn. That moment of "will you do what you're asked" when what you're being asked seems to have no change or effect. It's that moment that becomes an act of faith and a show of obedience. Sometimes, there's a less obvious lesson we need to learn.

This moment gave me confidence the rest of the day. It reminded me that I am credible. My impressions can be from the Spirit and I can do things without worrying about whether or not what I said was stupid. Because in the end, listening to the Spirit isn't stupid.

During Sunday School yesterday, we were talking about stories in our lives where we followed a prompting. Reference was given the Elder Bednar's "Tender Mercies" talk.
 The experience I shared happened in May of last year. I had lost my wedding ring three months earlier and had no idea where it could be. Many times I had thought about where it could be and wondered where else to look. Many times I felt like I should pray and I didn't listen to that prompting. But one day in May, I decided to swallow my pride and prayed. Within an hour, I had forgotten about the ring and was cleaning up something. The moment I picked something up, I found my ring. 

So, there's another spiritual post for you.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled. 

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