Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Joe got married!

Hay folks! I know I said I'd have a review of God's Army out but once again my video editing software has decided to not work, so till I can get a proper program up and running, I wanted to share some photos from my wedding a couple months back.
We had a Disney theme for our receptions. This is me in my Beast outfit. 

My beautiful bride showing off her bling. 

I had a Lego figure tie tack at the temple with a little bride and groom. I decided they needed to have an adventure. 

Honeymoon was naturally in Disneyland. Here we are with Cinderella. 

Me, my groomsmen and my best men. This is after I narrowed down the list. 

Us at the reception in full Disney regalia. 

A kiss outside the Bountiful temple. 

The traditional stuffing of each other's faces. 

My godmother, my mother, and me. 

Me and "Aladdin". 

Our cake naturally. 

Friends at my reception. 
Disney buys Marvel, which means we get to meet the Cap. 


Cheesy as all get out, but still kinda cute


Merida tried to talk Katie out of marrying me. She decided to stay. 

We have each other's back. 

So... I didn't do well on Splash Mountain...

...And Katie didn't do well on Space Mountain...

But we both did well on Cars. 
Honeymoon included a quick trip to Asguard... 
We found Tinkerbell!

Us chillin' with Walt. 
These guys... :)

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