Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mars to Stephen

Hey readers!

Coming in March will be the release of a very special movie.  "Which movie?" you ask.  Why, the Veronica Mars movie of course!  Woohoo!

I'm really excited for this movie for a number of different reasons.  The first is that it is being funded primarily by fans from a Kickstarter campaign.  I also love Kristen Bell.  She's a very talented and attractive actress.  The movie is based on the short lived television series of the same name.  All of the actors are reprising their roles and the movie just takes place 10 years after the show's final 3rd season.  I hadn't seen the show before this past week but I heard it was right up my alley.

So, in order to prepare for the movie, I've been watching the first season of Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime.  Let me tell you what I think.

Short version:  I love it.  Go watch it.

Longer version:

The television series Veronica Mars follows our titular hero in her adventures as an unofficial part-time private eye detective and a full-time High School student.  Veronica lives in the fictional small town of Neptune in southern California.  Neptune is home to billionaires and dirt poor lower class.  There isn't much of a middle class.  Veronica used to be with the in crowd of the rich kids at school but everything changed when her best friend Lily Kane was murdered.

Veronica's Dad, the then Sheriff, went after Lily's dad as the murderer and broke the whole town apart because it was considered scandalous.  The town voted Sheriff Mars to resign and he's taken up being a Private Eye with Veronica as his assistant.  (More like partner.)  Veronica has been shunned for standing by her father and is now an outcast at her school.

The series plays a lot like a juicy film noir.  Veronica narrates most of the episodes.  Each episode has a mystery to be solved with a few subtle hints to the overarching plot of Lily's murder.  (Some guy confessed but Mars Investigations doesn't believe he did it.)  The nice thing is that I haven't gotten bored with any of the episodes.  The mystery of the week doesn't take away from the main conflict and vice versa.  The characters are well developed and have great chemistry.  Shows like these tend to have two dimensional characters but I don't feel that's what is happening here.  Logan is your typical spoiled rich kid but beneath the surface has a lot of wounds that really humanize him.

The show also has great dialogue.  Fans of Joss Whedon would swear he was a ghost writer for this show.  (He wasn't but he is a big fan and guest starred in an episode!)  You could say Veronica Mars is the lovechild of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nancy Drew.  Just switch out the supernatural for film noir and call it good.

I'm almost done with the first season and can't wait to finish it off and eventually see the movie.  The show definitely has my recommendation for any of you who aren't marshmallows.  (Fans of the show.)  Any fans out there want to sh

out out their excitement for the movie?  Comment below!


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