Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What could be geekier than a bunch of golems?

So, I've been missing in action from Mormon Geeks for a week or two now.  Part of that is because I normally post on any new video games I've been playing recently.  For the last few weeks, I've been playing a lot of Guild Wars (both 1 and 2).  Guild Wars 2 is currently in the middle of World vs World Season 1.  In World vs World, 3 different servers are pitted against each other in a giant player vs player match.  Sometimes fights can include as many as 30-40 players on each side.  I really wanted to get the illustrious title of 'Veteran of the Mists' so I was working on it pretty hard up until Thanksgiving this last week.  Thankfully, I earned my title, and I'll probably be playing less World vs World.

I wanted to share with you a small bit of footage that I uploaded.  I have my own YouTube channel where I comment on games as I play them.  Most of it is me explaining how the game works.  Most of the time, I'm quiet and just enjoying the game.  This footage is when a bunch of players built seige golems and started to rampage around the world vs world map called the 'Eternal Battlegrounds'.


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