Monday, December 23, 2013

It's My Birthday! Tomorrow!

T.J.'s Birthday Poem (a day early)

So tomorrow's my birthday, thirty-two I'll be.
And what presents I'll get, oh yes, we'll see.
A whole lot of nothing, I can almost assure you
But that's okay, I don't need more to do.

 See there's three children in my house,
Who will not be quieter than any mouse.
But ready for a holiday, with presents to open
From a good night's rest, their parents they've woken

And from this nerdy birthday boy,
Here's a list of the geeky things I do enjoy
Let's start in the Stars, liking Trek over Wars
And getting to Narnia through wardrobe doors.

Maybe I'll go to Hogwarts on an awesome Firebolt,
Or watch how Sheldon will Bazinga a dolt.
Or visit Shannara with Terry Brooks,
Or read one of Sanderson's awesome books

Whether I'm playing my favorite Magic: The Gathering
Or stupidly asking a Dragon, "What's happening?"
There is always something to do that's geeky,
Even if the proper British would call it cheeky.

Oh maybe I'll play a game of Mega Man
Or watch some Muppets and keep being their fan
If there isn't anything I'd like to do,
Maybe I'll start watching good ol' Dr. Who

I could enjoy an X-men film or six,
Or the Avengers as I play pick up sticks
Maybe Batman versions one or two
Or a Superman movie, oh what to do

Oh there's my Power Rangers with worn off paint
As well as my wrestlers who always want to feint.
For a gift, one collection I could complete.
But really, I just want to win the lottery of sleep.

Perhaps I'll have a marathon with Friends
Enjoy HIMYM, the show that never ends.
Or rather Eureka and it's awesome humor
Maybe watch J.D. on Scrubs spread a rumor.

So tomorrow, I'll be sipping some Chamomile tea
As I get things ready for what's not about me
And so on my birthday, one thing is for sure,
The next day will be Christmas, once more

But as you know, you can never be wary,
that alien abductions are involuntary.
And now that this poem is well fueled,
Know that probings are also scheduled.

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