Thursday, September 26, 2013

Animation Showcase

Hey Everyone!

Want to see what's been keeping me busy?  You do?!  Great!  I've been working a lot in my animation class.  Each week we have to turn in a walk cycle.  One walk cycle can be 14 to maybe even 30-something frames long.  One or two frames can be one drawing.  That's a lot of drawing!  And that's okay because it's what I love to do.

So here's what I've done thus far.

Like this zombie?  I was trying to do something different.  This ended up being a bit more challenging than what I was used to.  Zombies drag their foot behind them and then fall to move forward.  Very different from your average cartoon character.

For this one I did everything digitally in a program called Toon Boom Animate.  Toon Boom is what is used for most cartoon feauture length films and tv shows like Legend of Korra.  The hand drawn stuff you see above and below is drawn by hand on paper and using a lightboard.  It is then taken to a capture station where a camera is mounted and takes pictures of your drawings.  I really like using Toon Boom.  It makes stuff easier.  You get a nice clean look too while retaining a hand drawn effect.

Yeah, I'm not perfect.  Ha ha.  This and the other ones are pretty flawed.  That said, I am learning and I'm learning to be skilled on a deadline.  This is an invaluable skill for me to develop.

Hope you enjoyed some of my work.  More exciting stuff is on the horizon.


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