Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Free Steam Games

I first started writing this article to share 3 Steam games that I have played that are completely free.  However, when I looked on Steam, I noticed that there are far more than 3 games that are free.  There are 73 as of the time that I wrote this article (17th of September).  I've even played some of these free games!

Let's break down the list.

On here because it is one of the first free Steam games I played.  The player takes the role of a space marine investigating a facility.  On the way, the player encounters the swarm, an alien race determined to eat all the humans.  With 4 player classes and many different weapons, the game is fun and exciting to play.  The game is a top-down shooter that is normally played co-op and requires coordination between the party members to execute well.  The game was simple, entertaining, and was free of those annoying 'have to pay to access this feature' things that seem to plague other free to play games.

In Spiral Knights, the players take the role of a group of spiral knights who have crash landed on a mysterious planet.  As they try to investigate the powerful energy source at the center of the planet, they discover a mysterious set of levels called the Clockworks, which is full of dangerous monsters and traps. I've found that there is a large variety of level design in the games and the community is pretty friendly to other players.  The weapons are fun, but the gameplay can get a little simplistic after awhile.  I've yet to make it down to the 'Core', but I'm getting close!

Warframe can be best described as 'ninja robots that kill things'.  I have yet to discover any significant plot in the game.  The game is in an Open Beta state, and might actually change dramatically in the near future.  The player takes control of a Tenno which uses a Warframe that has a loadout of three weapons.  The levels are laid out as different parts of the solar system (a little hard to explain).  Mercury has 7 levels and at some point unlocks access to the Venus levels.  In some places, it branches out, giving a slightly non-linear approach to levels.  If you check this game out, expect to find exciting, fast paced, shooter combat that can get really confusing, especially when three other players are added to the mix.

I was really excited when I first heard about this game.  I just discovered that it is also on Steam.  Being a longtime Dungeons and Dragons fan, I decided to check the game out.  Actually playing Dungeons & Dragons as a computer game rather than a table top means a much different experience.  For one thing, I can't sit and ponder my choices as a wizard.  Instead, I have to run around, cast spells on the fly and think quickly.  It was a fun game.  The worst part: I didn't have any friends to play with. So, if you have a group of friends that wants to meet up online instead of in person, Dungeons & Dragons online might be the game for you.

Feeling burned out with World of Warcraft and other multiplayer online games?  Tired of feeling like the class you are playing as does everything else another class does?  Looking for combat that is intricate and different? Well, Lord of the Rings Online might be the game for you!  Lord of the Rings Online is one of the most unique games I've played before.  It stands in the class of it's own, really.  I played a bit as a Lore Master.  Not like the mage from another game, I had a multitude of abilities that could buff allies, summon monsters, heal, debuff enemies, or even damage them directly.  It was a nice break from the typical fireball wielding wizards I found in other games.  Besides the combat, I got to run around Middle Earth, explore, fight all sorts of monsters, and even grow tobacco!

Well, that about wraps up the list of free games being covered in this post.  If you see a game you like on the list, or one that I may have missed, feel free to comment about it below.  Above all, have fun gaming!

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