Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Minecraft - Feed the Beast - a little bit of everything

Disclaimer: this post is very long and may cause explosions or raving about pipes and wires.  You have been warned! Also, the screenshots tend to 'bleed' into the side bar...actually it's more like a hostile takeover.  For science!

Awhile back, I did a post on Minecraft on here, showing off a house that I had built.  After that, I sort of lost interest in Minecraft for awhile.  A few weeks ago, I saw a YouTube video about a modpack called 'Feed the Beast'.  Basically, a mod is something that adds something new to the game of Minecraft.  A modpack is a whole set of mods to modify the game.

Feed the Beast adds a LOT of stuff into the game (yes, that does deserve capital letters!).  I've been playing for about a week, and I've only played with a small number of the mods on the game.

One of the mods adds new biomes to the game.  Minecraft already has things like deserts, forests, taiga, etc.  The modpack adds in things like redwood forests, mountainous deserets, autumn forests (forests with autumn colored trees), and wastelands.
Redwood forest, from the top
A wasteland (the text is from a waypoint system in the mod pack)
Snowy Rainforest biome

A mod called ForestryCraft adds in things like automatic tree farms, wheat farms, cactus farms, etc.  It also adds in bees and beekeeping.  Kind of interesting step back from the usual build/explore of Minecraft.  You can have pet bees!

For me, the biggest add was from the mods IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, and GregTech.  These mods add in machines, engines, generators, and all sorts of pipes.  Currently, I have a number of solar panels, water mills, generators that burn wood (and other things) as fuel.  There's also a machine that doubles how much metal I can get from ores.  The pipes can be used to pull items out of machines or sort them.  It even adds something called a 'Mining Laser' which speeds up mining, automated mining, new armors that are powered by electricity, and jetpacks.  Yes, jetpacks.  I can now fly around Minecraft instead of walking everywhere.

Standard farm, but with new crop stakes.  Allows me to harvest without having to replant
Me in my nano suit with my nano sword
A mod called 'MystCraft' adds in linking books as well as the ability to create new 'ages' in the game.  I haven't experimented with that much.  I mostly use linking books to travel between the 'Overworld', the Nether, and the Twilight Forest.

A shot (from left to right), blast furnace (for making steel), coal coke oven, enchanting table, and a linking book stand
Closer view of the linking stand
Purpose of this part of my laboratory is to create lava out of netherrack
Lava generator at work
Speaking of the Twilight Forest, that is another new mod.  It adds in a whole new area to explore.  It contains large trees, areas called 'dark forests' where the sun doesn't shine, hedge mazes, underground mazes, hills full of treasure and monsters, and a few new bosses.  I've only encountered a bit of the content that the forest has.  I just recently found the first boss and it was a tough fight (even with my super new armor and weapons).

Portal to the Twilight Forest, as well as a bug from it.
Welcome to the Twili- what the crap is this big whole doing here?
Wow.  Looks like someone was doing some strip mining here.
Sure is a thick canopy...what is that big orange thing?
It's my quarry, going to work at strip mining another part of the twilight forest.
So dark, I'm being attacked by a naga? Thing was so fast, that was the best screenshot I got of it.
More screenshots of my base
A shot of my underground base, full of machines, pipes, wires, etc.
Another shot of pipes and machines.  These ones provide power to the automatic tree farm
I like watching items spin around this square...
Barrels! They hold 64 full stacks of one item.  Above them is part of my sorting system
My super large power storage unit, and a bunch of strange blocks.  Shall we take a closer look?
What is all this heavy duty stone and this door for?
Oh, it's a nuclear reactor.  And it's active!
Complicated set-up, but somehow it didn't explode
Storage chest, my crafting table, and a bed. As well as an alchemy stand.
The main entrance to my base.  Can't get out of it you say?
Jet packs make it easier.
Solar panels
An automatic tree planter/harvester
My bee hives!
Water mills
I sure hope PETA doesn't find out about this...
The mining laser?  You're curious about that?  I definitely was!  I decided to put the thing to use to help my quarry cut through the leaves of the forest faster (leaves are about 8-10 layers thick).  I decided to play around with the 'explosive setting'...

This quarry is moving far too slow!
Trying not to aim to close to myself
I'm firin' ma laser!
A large crater is left

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