Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The "infinite" dungeon - Fractals from Guild Wars 2

When Guild Wars 2 released their new content with the karkas, they also released a new dungeon...or series of new dungeons called 'Fractals'.

The basic premise of a Fractal is that it is a small dungeon that can be completed in 30-45 minutes.  Each has 2-3 major events, such as boss fights, although some have very interesting puzzles that require a well coordinated team to pull off.  There are a number of different fractals, and the ones you visit are determined randomly each time you enter the fractals.  As an added level of difficulty, each set of fractals will have a level, starting at level 1.  When 3 consecutive level 1 fractals are completed, then the character gains access to level 2, and so on and so forth.  Each level is slightly more difficult than the last.  To make it even harder, at level 10, a condition called 'Agony' shows up.  Agony has a high chance of killing any character that doesn't have any sort of Agony resistance on them.  Luckily, around level 10, items that provide that resistance start to show up.  I've yet to experience Agony.  I've only gotten up to level 5 fractals (insert me being embarrassed here).

So, here are some screenshots from some of the fractals.

The Ascalonian fractal. Characters become Charr (just for this fractal) and  attack an Ascalonian city
Things got a little heated (quite literally since I like fire)
In this fractal, we had to save people from being sacrificed to a Grawl shaman. As an added bonus, the Guild Wars 2 references a Gamecube game called Eternal Darkness.  One of the sacrifices yells "This can't be happening!"
A random Easter egg from the same fractal.  Indiana Jones?  Quite possibly
A fractal called the Jade Sea.  A frozen green sea filled with nasty monsters, like this dead wind rider.
The big bad boss of the Jade Sea.  He's very big!
The Colussus fractal.  Part timing puzzle, part highly coordinated fighting, part carry the evil artifact hammer  and drop it before it kills you
The Blizzard fractal.  Have to stay near fires to avoid freezing to death.  This is a huge bonfire near the beginning of the fractal.
A random picture of me being a chair.  No, this has nothing to do with Fractals

As always, share, like, subscribe, whatever.  Next week, I should be posting on a new 'Indie' game that is in development.  I might even throw in a post about some new Minecraft mods a week after that.  Stay tuned!

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