Monday, September 24, 2012

Nerdy Names

Yes, I know I am not that great at keeping up with my blogging lately. Shoot, I am supposed to be writing for 3 different blogs right now. I have one blog I wish I could write and another that my friend Casey and I have discussed starting. Regardless, I have a lot of writing I want to do and like 0 time to do it, it seems. I apologize to my huge fan base of three people. I do appreciate and love all three of you.

Anyway, today, I'm gonna be a true nerd. Have you noticed that the 4 bloggers here at Mormon Geeks have something in common with their first names? No? Of course not, my name shows up as initials. Let me state our four full first names: Andrew, Joseph, Stephen, and Timothy. Anything significant yet? No? Let me point out that all four of our names can be found in the bible, more specifically, the New Testament. So, today, I'm going to go alphabetically with our names (cause you know, that way I save the best for last).

Andrew: In the Bible, Andrew has a brother named Simon, who later was called Peter. Andrew became one of the Twelve Disciples and was one of the earliest called to that work. There is little said about Andrew in the Bible, but to be given the calling of a twelve apostle by Christ must mean there was something very special and righteous about him.

Joseph: There are four men with the name of Joseph in the LDS canons: Joseph of Egypt; Joseph, brother of Nephi; Joseph Smith; and, of course, Joseph the carpenter, Christ's father on this earth. So, for New Testament continuity, I'll refer to the carpenter. Joseph was in love with Mary. In order to protect her dignity as she carried Christ, he married her. He raised that child as his own in a very humble setting despite knowing who that child was. The man must have had a lot of humility, patience, and love in order to take on such a task.

Stephen: He first appears in Acts. Stephen's life seems the saddest out of the four. He was challenged the most by the Jews during the 6th and 7th chapters of the Acts. Eventually, Stephen was stoned to death for following Christ and for standing up for his beliefs. That has to take a lot of faith to not deny what you know to be true.

Timothy: So, something interesting about Timothy was he was the son of a Greek father and Jewish mother. I am the son of a Jewish father and Hungarian mother. No real connection between Greek and Hun, but the half-Jew thing is still there. Timothy was also an assistant to Paul and seems to have been one of his closest assistants. I also really like that Timothy means "honored of God".

Anyway, there's some nerdy thoughts for you. I had hopes to do a similar thing with our middle names, but someone's doesn't have a biblical reference (won't name names). Regardless, when I saw the connection between our names and the Bible, I knew I had to write something random like this.

I apologize that there are no pics on here; but...oh well.

Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


  1. Stephen also means "to be crowned." :) Maybe that's why I like spiking my hair.

  2. Let's not forget Joseph Smith Sr, first patriarch of the restored church, and Joseph B. Worthlin, former apostle and my former employer. :)