Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lego maniac!

So unless you grew up under the sea, you probably owned Legos at one point in your life. But if you're old enough to rent a car you probably haven't bought a Lego set for yourself in a very long time, to which I say "Why not?" I'm happy to report that as a twenty-something male adult, Legos are still just as much fun as when I was being yelled at for putting them in my mouth.

As a kid I had a pretty impressive collection, but due to moving across creation I lost the whole set. Fast forward ahead to two Christmases ago when my girlfriend decided to buy me a Lego Buzz Lightyear. After I threw it together in about ten minutes she took it as a personal challenge to find me a Lego set that would pose a challenge. We ended up with nearly the entire Lego Harry Potter collection, a few Star Wars pieces, and the Justice League before the Lego Death Star kicked my trash with a three day build time. I swear after I finished the two foot monstrosity everything I saw was in Lego and grey. I thought I was done at that point until Lego teamed up with Peter Jackson and came out with Lego Lord of the Rings, a set I had to buy if I wanted to keep my Lego geek membership card. I ended up only buying the sets that got me the entire Fellowship, which meant I also ended up with like 5 Frodos. It made sense since with the Harry Potter set I now have like 15 little Harrys.

Now I can jabber on all day about my Lego sets, but I don't they can be fully appreciated unless they're seen, so here's some of my favorite pieces.

Here we have the Death Star, freshly completed. The little guy at the bottom is Ron Weasley by the way. At nearly two feet tall it was definitely worth the three days and loss of sanity it took to build the thing.
Here we see the Justice League of America has taken on the Death Star, and for good reason (Note the Lego poster above the Death Star and my action figure collection on the mantle in the back:))
No wonder the League was after it! What's Gollum, Lex Luthor, Dracula, The Joker, Davy Jones, Emperor Palpatine, Voldemort and Magnito planning?
This is me, fellow Mormongeeks writer Stephen Larsen and our friend Chad Mosher in Lego Hunger Games style. 
The Hobbits went on a joy ride, though I think the only one who's enjoying it is Pipin in the back. 
The Toll Sheriff is my Lego bar and has everything that a bar needs: A Steampunk bartender, live music, and a dragon on top. 
The bad guys aren't the only ones who hang out, though after I put this together I decided I need the rest of the Avengers so that Cap there can have his buddies too. And for those who don't know, that's Robin showing off behind Superman. 
Hogwarts is actually a bunch of little sets, but I decided to combine them and build one big castle. 
An enchanted little forest, including a Steampunk hunter, Little Red Riding Hood, and Poison Ivy. Oh, and Harry and Ginny kissing on the tower. AWWWW!
All my other sets are awesome, but this one is definitely one of my favorites. Joker's fun house today features Robin tied up on the tracks with Harley ready to run him over and Batman being lowered into a barrel of Joker's Parana. Riddler is just there to chill. 
Last but not least: Here's just a pile of a bunch of my stuff. Shown here: Hogwarts Express, the Batcave, the Death Star, the Black Pearl and the Queen Anne's Revenge.



  1. As tribute of District 5, I will END you!

    Joe, all of your Legos are a stop motion animated short just waiting to happen!

  2. What kind of monster have I created???