Monday, April 2, 2012

Superhero Lucy

by Warrior Guru T.J.

In the 1950s there was a TV show for that well-loved superhero named Superman. However, there was once a tv show that was much more popular than Superman. That show was I Love Lucy.

What's interesting here is that Lucy et al refer to Superman as Superman and not as George Reeves, the actor. (Intersting nerdy tidbit: George Reeves played Superman in the 50s. Christopher Reeve played him in the 70s/80s. No relation, but very similar last name.) The reason I mention this is that this means I Love Lucy took place in the D.C. universe (see the logic?)
Why am I (a lesser geek) talking about Lucy? Well, my main points are below.
Did you know that Lucy Ricardo was a superhero? Not many people could do everything she's done without being killed. She was an alien at the top of the Empire State Building. She was going to be Superman for her son's birthday (not a very good one, unfortunately). She's swung from ropes, climbed on ledges, and even fallen out of a 3rd story window and survived. Also, she was a master of disguise (maybe the feminine is "mistress of disguise . . . meh.) How many times did that woman go unnoticed into her husband's night club? Man, that security sucked!

As a piece of history, Lucille Ball opened the gates for many women. She was the first female comedian with her own television show. Not only that, this is an extremely succesful TV show. I Love Lucy was once the only television show that started an episode somewhere in the world every half-hour. This still could be true.
Something to note, the comedy is timeless. Lucy had great comedic timing. And even though the show is 60 years old, it still has great comedy that is unmatched to this day. She set a precedent that has not been met. No one can convince me that Friends, The Office, Seinfeld, Community or even my current favorite TV show, The Big Bang Theory, top Lucy's screwball comedy. I will not bend on this thought.
Lucy was funny because she was clean and still able to do things that can get people to laugh. Lucy didn't need to be risque or vulgar to get people to laugh. This is a show that defines "situational comedy".
Yep, thank my mom (who was one of the biggest I Love Lucy fans I've ever known) for my Lucy knowledge. I've honestly watched that show so many times, I've gotta say that there are episodes I've seen enought times that I'm at least approaching triple digits, if not, surpassed one hundred.
I hope you take time to find the geek in your favorite classic. I know I have. I challenge you to find the geeky in a classic show (and I'm not saying anime or Big Bang Theory or anythign that's obviously geeky) and leave a comment in how you geek out about it.
Alien abductions are involuntary, but probings are scheduled.


  1. Um, hello!! #2 Favorite show of all-time... right here.. (a very close 2nd to the simpsons).

    I grew up with Lucy and too have watched the episodes dozens of times... their road trip to LA, their European excursion... all super classics. (I wouldn't have mind naming our daughter Lucy... my wife put a stop to that though). :)

    1. Luis I completely agree. This show was mixed in with my top 5 all time favorites. I'm quite fond of Vitavetavegimin and the one with Harpo Marx personally. :)