Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Why Guardians of the Galaxy Could be Good


Even though Marvel movies have not been performing as well, Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 has the potential to be good; not great, but above average compared to the movies that recently have been aired. This post will go over 5 reasons Guardians of the Galaxy volume 3 could be good.

1.     The Soundtrack

The Avengers assemble melody might be easily recognizable, but as a soundtrack nothing can beat Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. To adults these songs, such as “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Come and Get Your Love”, were heard in our childhood which reminds the us of simpler times; at least it did for me. For the younger generation it’s new music from often-heard classics.

Not only did they resurrect classic music from my parents’ era when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but they were also perfectly placed for the best impact. For example, when Star Lord is first introduced “Come and Get Your Love” was playing and that song set the tone for how this movie will be played out.

Also, the trailer for the 3rd volume was playing “Remember the Titans”. A great song with hidden meaning that I will go into more detail later this post.

2.     Star-Lord and Gamora’s Love Story

Peter Quill and Gamora fallen in love before. It started with a song, and it ended in death of Gamora by her father Thanos. Yet with the timeline being scrambled Gamora from the past before she joined the Guardians is in the present and Peter wants to find her and fall in love with him again. Like amnesia she has no memories with Peter so everything will be overwhelming and new to her. Hopefully music will play a role, but looking at the trailer it seems that pictures will be more meaningful.

3.     Someone in the Team will Die

After watching the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy we can suspect that one of the guardians is going to die. “Remember the Titans” is a song that implies death or the end and throughout the most recent trailer that song was being played. My guess as well as the other geeks believe that one of the Guardians will die. What is funny is we all suspect different characters to die. I believe Drax will die because of what Dave Bautista has said online. Other Geeks think Peter will die after Gamora falls for him again. Who knows maybe all the Guardians will die. One thing is highly probable; one person will die. Who do you think it will be? Who do you not want it to be?

4.     The Last Movie

James Gunn, director of all three movies has stated that Guardians of the Galaxy will be only a trilogy. I think that will be nice to have another series concluded. I appreciate that this trilogy has kept the same actors and director. Maybe “Remember the Titans” song was being played to tell us that this is the final movie, and the guardians want to say goodbye. I hope that this movie will end on a high note. I have seen the other two movies in theaters and since this is being the last one, I am considering seeing this movie in theaters. I want to see how this series ends.

5.     JK I can only think of 4 good reasons

I will be honest with you I could only think of four reasons, so maybe this movie will not be as good as I think it will be. I hope it will. I remember seeing the first movie and being surprised at how much I liked it. I hope that this movie will surprise me as well. If any MCU movie surprises me, I would think it would be this one. Guardians of the Galaxy has done this for me before, it can do it again.

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