Friday, September 23, 2022

Scrubs - My COVID Comfort Show

(Guest post by Jeramy)

Back in the early 2000’s (can’t believe I am saying that), one of my favorite shows to watch was Scrubs. My roommate and I would invite several friends over to watch it each week.

Recently as I was waiting out my time in quarantine, bored out of my mind with COVID, I discovered that this beloved sitcom from the early 2000’s (yep, still feels weird to say that) was on Hulu.  I wondered if this show I loved so much and anticipated that night of the week when a new episode was available, was still as funny as I remembered it.

Almost instantly, I was taken back to the time when I first met these characters and started again to love and laugh with these quirky but relatable characters.

Whether it was the internal-monologuing with JD, or the trying to fit in and find a place in this crazy world with Elliot, and the unforgettable non-stop ranting of narcissist  Dr. Cox, I was again swept into the world of Sacred Heart Hospital.

There are many laughable moments and I was amazed at how many episodes and people I remembered from this series.  As I am re-watching it, I forget how many characters I really liked in this series.  How can you forget the middle-aged-never-respected lawyer, Ted; or the not-sure-how-he-got-through-medical-school, Doug (who is never referred to as doctor); or the always-ready-to get-in-a-quick-sassy-jab, Nurse Roberts.  You have the Turk and Carla love story—-alongside the Turk and JD love story (It’s Guy Love—you know the song).  My hand still hurts every time I watch The Tod give his infamous high fives to different characters throughout the run of the series.  

As I was rewatching this, I was thinking about what it was about this show that made me love it so much.  There were so many fun and interesting characters and story lines.  There were humorous moments sometimes surrounding sobering moments.  Sometimes JD’s monologues had life lessons attached to them.  

I think overall that I just found myself relating to so many of these characters and their life struggles, but the one character that I definitely related to the most was Elliot’s character—minus the posh lifestyle growing up.  This character found herself in a world where she didn’t fit and was always trying to prove herself and find herself in a grown up world where everyone seemed to know exactly who they were. 

I still indeed love watching this sitcom and reconnecting with these characters.  I still get excited to watch the next episode—and glad I don’t have to wait an entire week to see the next one.  If nothing else, there is one thing I learned from this funny and at times irreverent sitcom—-I can’t do this all on my own.

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