Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ruby and the Well: A Show for the Whole Family

(Guest post by Stephen)

Few shows these days teach wholesome values while also being entertaining. BYUtv’s new offering, Ruby and the Well, delivers on both counts.

Ruby is a teenager who recently moved with her dad to a small town named Emerald, taking over an apple orchard they inherited. Shortly after moving to the town, Ruby discovers a wishing well on their land which shows her wishes that other people in the town make. Each episode follows Ruby as she tries to help fulfill the wishes.

Ruby navigates difficulties understanding some wishes, frequently making mistakes along the way. In various episodes, she works through arguments with friends, difficulties being open with her dad, being misunderstood, and many other experiences common to adolescence. The series demonstrates how Ruby successfully, though not without angst and difficulty, navigates these problems. It is one of the few shows out there where the teenagers have a strong moral compass.

Ruby and the Well follows a strong tradition of dramas at BYUtv that deal with real people and real problems in a wholesome, soul and community building way. It’s worth taking some time to watch it as a family.

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