Monday, May 2, 2022

Five Reasons Marge Simpson is the Mom We Need

 I did this for Homer for Father's day I figured it's time Marge got a turn. 

If you haven't seen the show, Marge Simpson is the mom on the Simpsons, the wife of the infamous Homer and mother to Bart, Lisa and Maggie. In comparison to the rest of her family, Marge usually plays the straight man, being the normal person in a world full of oddball characters, her giant tower of blue hair notwithstanding. Being the most grounded person on the show doesn't mean that she doesn't have her moments to shine or that her episodes are any less good, it just means that when she gets into wacky shannegains they're made even more funny by her having more normal sensibilities than the rest of her family. 

Above all else though, Marge is a wife and a mother, and she is devoted to each with every once of her being.

5: Patience of a Saint

It would be one thing to have to put up with just one source of crazy in a family, Marge has three and an infant to boot. She takes care of her families eccentricities no matter what they may be that week and rolls with whatever punch she's thrown. Sometimes it's being ready to clean barbecue off the roof after Homer uses the chimney as a smoker. Sometimes it's remembering to check Bart's pockets for sling shots and frogs before church, and sometimes it's making sure Lisa's lunch is vegetarian despite Bart and Homer demanding meat. She takes it all in stride. Not to say that she doesn't occasionally need time to recharge. Marge takes time off to read a book, get her hair done, or go on a week long vacation whenever the stress of the family is getting to her, but she always comes back ready to take care of her families' sometimes extreme needs. 

4: She Accepts her Family

Along with her patience is accepting the kooky eccentricities of her family and loving them for being different. For Christmas she makes two sets of cookies for the kids, a set of Christmas trees for Lisa and bloody spear heads for Bart, both using the same cookie cutter. She knows what Bart likes and doesn't try to force him to be more traditional. With Lisa her relationship is a bit more complicated. Marge is the traditional stay at home mom, interested in making the perfect meal and cleaning the house, where Lisa is an outspoken feminist, wanting to educate herself and become more than a housewife which she sees as inferior. The two have clashed over expectations they have for each other, but Marge is always willing to listen to Lisa's opinions on the world, even if she doesn't agree with them. Marge and Lisa have learned a lot from each other, both willing to see each other's point of view and without having to make drastic changes to make the other happy. 

3: She Loves Being a Mom

There's something about the pure joy Marge finds in being a mom that makes the Simpson house feel like somewhere that would be nice to visit or grow up in. Weather it's her humming to herself as she makes lunches or how eager she is to flex her considerable cooking or sewing skills, Marge revels in her home and families happiness. While she does get annoyed when the house is destroyed by someone's misadventures, she's happy to try again the next day. Again this doesn't make Marge a pushover. Whenever she feels that her good nature is being taken advantage of she has no problem making the rest of the family pitch in and help clean up their messes, but whenever she's gone the family is always grateful to have someone who loves to take care of them. 

2: She Stands her Ground

Marge lets her family be themselves and lets them make her own decisions, but they're are lines that will not be crossed on her watch. When Homer bought a gun and was using it irresponsibly she told him that it was the gun or the family, because she knew that it would not be safe in her house and would not accept anything less than complicity (We'll ignore that when Homer did throw the gun away Marge picked it up, saw how cool she looked in the reflection, pursed it and strutted away). No matter how much easier it would be on everyone she refuses to give up on Bart, insisting that he gets an education even if she has to teach him herself, and when she did become his teacher he learned. With Lisa she will not let her think less of herself because the world tells her to, she makes sure that even if they don't agree on something that Lisa knows that she is special and is loved and that even though she might not be appreciated by others now she will be one day and teach them all a lesson. 

1: She Stands Up For Her Family

Marge's soft-spoken nature falls by the wayside as soon as anyone starts talking bad about any member of her family. She has defended Homer to her own family, telling them off on numerous occasions for discounting him. She has told off principals, teachers and other students in defense of her kids. In the early 90's then first lady Barbara Bush publicly said that The Simpsons was "The stupidest thing I have ever seen". Marge (AKA the writers of the show) wrote a polite but firm response to Barbara: 

Barbara then wrote back! 

This is the mom you want- one that will clap back for you against the wife of the president of the United States, so hard that she writes a letter back apologizing! 

That's a good mom!


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