Monday, April 11, 2022

Resistance is Futile!

(Guest post by Q)

Growing up one of my favorite shows was Star Trek Voyager. Which leads me to my favorite villain. The Borg!!!

I always found the Borg to be fascinating.

In Voyager we learned quite a bit about them. 7 of 9 was my favorite character, how she escaped and got her humanity back.

I always thought in a way even though we didn't care for their tactics and assimilating everyone were they really that bad?

Well recently with the new show Picard their story is expanding. At the end of Voyager the Borg were dealt some serious damage in the Delta Quadrant.

In season 1 a Borg cube is being salvaged for parts and technology and we later learn that many Federation star ships are retrofitted with some of these upgrades.

I just started watching Season 2 of Picard and I am fascinated by the prospect that the Borg having been beaten back may want to form an alliance with the Federation. Is this a ploy or can both the Borg and individuality co exist?

The Borg Queen fascinates me and I can't wait to see what follows this season.

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