Monday, March 28, 2022

The Good Place Workout

When someone suggests a new workout...

It's springtime! Time to get working on the beach body for this summer. Or just to get moving again because you've been hibernating through the winter. Whatever your reason, it's always a good time to get moving again. My wife and I are poised to rewatch The Good Place soon, so this time I've come in with a workout routine to go along with NBC's groundbreaking comedy series. So throw on an episode of this epic of good and evil and just follow the directions below.

  • A flashback/memory begins - Push-ups 30 seconds
  • Someone uses a censored curse word - Crunches 15 seconds
  • Someone says "Good Place" - 10 reps jumping jacks
  • Someone says "Bad Place" - 10 reps mountain climbers 
  • Chidi names a philosopher - Tricep dips 15 seconds
  • Tahani name-drops a celebrity - 10 reps leg raise 
  • Jason proposes a bad plan - Wall Sit 30 seconds
  • Janet says "not a girl" - high knees 10 sec
  • Michael says something manipulative - Squats 15 seconds
  • Eleanor makes a sexual comment - Calf raises 30 seconds
Everything is fine. Just take breaks as needed.

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