Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Sorting Animorphs into Hogwarts Houses

I recently got back into the Animorphs series, as I’ve been listening to the audiobooks on my commutes to work (yay! New job!). I enjoyed this franchise as a kid and let me tell you: I had no business reading any of these books or watching that television show as a first grader. They’re darker than I remembered! It’s some trippy sci-fi and I’m only seven books in right now! The characters are more fleshed out than I remembered too and I know it’ll only get better (and weirder). So as I’m starting this series again, it only feels appropriate to give them the Hogwarts house sorting treatment (as I like to do).

Jake - Gryffindor

He was their leader from the start; there wasn’t even a question about it. When they found Ax, he was dubbed Prince Jake. It’s because of Jake’s determination, nerve, and chivalry (all Gryffindor traits) that the Animorphs never gave up. He always seems to have a moral compass and a feeling of what’s right that the others don’t necessarily have. Maybe it’s because he was fighting for his brother Tom from the start? Maybe that’s just who he is? Either way, I think Jake would fit in well with Ron and Harry.

Rachel - Gryffindor

Nicknamed Xena warrior princess by Marco, Rachel was always the first to jump into action and the first to volunteer to do something crazy. Her daring, nerve, and relentless determination makes her as bullheaded as Harry going through the trap door, into the Chamber of Secrets, and through the rest of his adventures. And she showed her daring right up until the end.

Tobias - Ravenclaw

I’m tempted to pick another house for Tobias just to avoid it being the one with the bird. But Tobias, before he was a bird, wasn’t too different from Luna Lovegood. It were those Luna-like traits that made Tobias able to have compassion for Elfangor, long before he knew of their familial connection. Later on as a red-tailed hawk nothlit, we see the wit in his humor and we see his wisdom as he deals with the Ellimist. So despite perhaps being predictable, I’m putting Tobias with Ravenclaw.

Cassie - Hufflepuff

Putting Cassie in Hufflepuff shouldn’t be too surprising. Let’s start with her being a hard-worker at her parents’ farm, even before they became Animorphs. During their adventures it’s Cassie that tries to be the peacemaker, even when she was basically forced to become a caterpillar (I’m really looking forward to that book). It was all about fairness and kindness, taking the unpleasant steps to fight the war against the Yeerks.

Marco - Slytherin

He was the most reluctant of the Animorphs, but it was all about his family; he didn’t want to risk leaving his father alone. But once he realized his mother was alive he fought like crazy to get her back. That commitment to family and self-preservation are definite Slytherin traits. He’s also cunning and resourceful, just like his Slytherin snake morph.

Ax - Ravenclaw

He was a little Hufflepuff-ish about food and human speech, but that’s not where I’m putting him. Though not human, Ax showed the wit, wisdom, and intelligence typical of Andalite culture. Maybe that means all Andalites would be Ravenclaw. Even aside from that, Ax displayed Ravenclaw qualities not common to most Andalites, like acceptance, individuality, and creativity, as he joined the Animorphs and helped them fight against the Yeerks on Earth.

Now obviously I didn’t include David or the auxiliary Animorphs. Maybe I’ll touch on them when I get to those books, but I think it’s safe to say that David would be Slytherin. A very evil Slytherin. But that’s a story for when I get to those books. Now I trudge forward into Megamorphs. 

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