Friday, April 2, 2021

Friday Creature Feature - Greendale Human Being

Hello Greendale! I hope you had a wonderful March 32nd yesterday. In honor of this prank-free day at Greendale Community College, let’s talk about the Greendale mascot: The Greendale Human Being.

Back before Dean Pelton changed things, the school’s mascot was a grizzly. Fearing for the students’ fragile self-esteem, the Dean and Pierce Hawthorne created a new mascot to humanize the student body. In their attempt to make the Human Being as racially and ethnically neutral as possible, we ended up with (when you boil it all down) a man in a unitard and a creepy face.

Despite how creepy the Human Being looks, I think we all love him/her/it as fans of Community. Or at the very least we share an affection for our mascot. And throughout the six seasons of Community, we got several variations of the Human Being, making our time at Greendale even more endearing. So enjoy some of my favorite variations of the Greendale Human Being.

Dubbed the "Cupid Being" for Valentine's Day in "Communication Studies". 

The Human Being couple on family day during "Basic Genealogy".

A Rudolph Human Being for the holidays in "Comparative Religion".

I met someone cosplaying the Human Being at FanX 2019

And now I think we've enjoyed the Human Being enough for one day. Make sure you let us know your favorite Human Being moment in the series. I'll be watching for mine as I finish my current watch of the show. And in the meantime, here are some parting words from Dean Pelton.

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