Wednesday, March 3, 2021

10 New Cosplays We Look Forward To Seeing

With the world on temporary pause, new cosplay has been hard to find. Without conventions or even Halloween, the most wonderful day of the year, happening at their regular capacity, the cosplay community just doesn't have the chance to strut their stuff. That hasn't stopped new media from coming out, some of which we can't wait to see at the next Comic Con, whenever that may be. 

Here's a few. 

10: Live-Action Mulan

Say what you will about Disney's Mulan, the costuming was on point. From Mulan's red combat uniform accented with armor to the villain Xian Lang's incredible makeup, this film gives a lot to the cosplay community. Seeing someone bring one of the film's outfits to life will be a true sight to see, plus all the costumes are modest so there's no worry about having to compromise standards to be the warrior you were truly meant to be. 

9: Netflix's The Witcher

While Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia looks torn straight from the video game, the rest of the cast have unique costuming for this live action take on the beloved book and game series. His traveling minstrel Jasker alone has enough outfits to keep any seamstress busy for weeks, and Yennafer is perfect for any cosplaying lady who wants something elegant but doesn't want to go back to Disney princess. 

8: Doctor Who

Now Comic Con has never been lacking for Doctor. Who cosplays, from versions of the Doctor himself to his wide cast of villains right down to the TARDIS itself. However recent years gave us the first female Doctor and the Fugitive Doctor, and both are ripe for cosplay. Given the popularity of the series, it won't be surprising at all to see plenty of these versions of the Doctor running around the panels at the next convention. 

7: The Mandalorian

Remember how The Mandalorian was all anyone could talk about? Just wait for the resurgence once we can get our geek on and start dressing as our favorite Star Wars show. Mando and Grogu aside, as epic as their cosplays will certainly be especially with daddy/baby matching cosplays, let's not forget the wide range of other characters the show gave us. This includes a sand-beaten Boba Fett, grown up Asoka and the poor longsuffering Frog Lady. 

Bonus points will be given if Frog Lady cosplays include edible eggs. 

6: Justice League Snyder Cut Joker

That's a long title. 

Joker cosplay is never thin on the ground but with the new uber dark Joker from the Snyder Cut trailers of Justice League, you can bet that we're going to see more Jared Lito impersonators running around. The butcher's apron and gloves hints that he's going to do something messy, and the bulletproof vest, reminiscent of the opening cut scene in DC Universe Online means that there's going to be danger. You know someone's already chomping at the bit to find the perfect wig to make this Joker come to life. 

5: Onward

This film does not get it's just due in my humblest of opinions. Debuting at the unfortunate start of the pandemic, its theatrical run was hampered by it no longer being safe to go out. That being said, those who did see it and loved it can't wait to cosplay as one of the blue elves from the film, becoming the true Dungeons and Dragons/Disney nerds they've always wanted to be. Even if it's just Barley's cool ripped jean vest covered in D&D-esque pins, we want to see this on the convention floor. 

4: Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Leaders

Released late 2019 we didn't get a chance to see these characters shine. With the game's graphics and characterizations of each gym leader, I won't be surprised to see a few of them pop up in the cosplay list. At the very least, someone needs to show up in a giant cape with Pokemon related sponsors sewn into it like some cross between a NASCAR driver and Liberace.

3: Wonder Woman 1984

Another derisive release, nobody can argue that once again the costuming was done right. Cosplayers can go with the 80's looks, to Cheetah's terrifying transformation, all the way to Wonder Woman's golden eagle armor. The wings might be a bit of a pain to deal with in crowds, but let's face it, that's never stopped cosplayers before. 

2: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Can we just take a minute to thank Animal Crossing: New Horizons for getting us through parts of this last year? It's a major contributing factor to why yours truly didn't go into a depressive spiral sooner than I eventually did. To honor this game, let's see some people dressed up as their favorite townsfolk. They could even set aside a space in the convention where they can wander around aimlessly and talk to people as though they were player characters. I know I'd love to give Ozzie the Koala and Raymond the Cat big hugs for being there for me. 

1: WandaVision

You know this would end up on the list. 

What is there to say? Each episode had a pile of period costume choices plus superhero outfits PLUS Agatha. It's a cosplayers goldmine, and we still won't see the true depth of this deposit until Friday when the last episode is released and supposedly Scarlet Witch's final form is revealed. I can't wait to see adorable couples dressed as Wanda and the Vision, posing for photos and breaking our hearts all over again. 

What cosplays do you want to see? 


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