Friday, December 4, 2020

Pokemon Workout

Welcome to December and the end of 2020. As much as I dislike New Year's resolutions, I know plenty of people will be starting fitness and health related resolutions next month (and clogging up the gym... grr...). So if you're starting new fitness goals this year, why not pair it with watching some Pokemon? The series has 1000+ episodes, so if you do one episode per workout, you won't even make a dent this year. So throw a Pokemon episode on Netflix, Hulu, or Pokemon TV.

  • Theme song - Wall sit throughout
  • Brock hits on a girl - 15 reps triceps dips
  • Team Rocket show up disguised - 15 crunches
  • Someone sends out a Pokemon - 10 reps push-ups
  • Team Rocket’s Meowth balloon - 10 reps incline push-ups
  • Ash turns his hat - 10 reps decline push-ups
  • Pikachu uses an attack - 10 reps jumping jacks
  • Team Rocket motto - Calf raises throughout
  • Someone catches a Pokemon - 20 reps air squats

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