Monday, September 21, 2020

Michael Scott's Cringiest Moments

With The Office leaving Netflix at the end of the year, I figured it was time for me to finally watch the show. I’d never seen the show start to finish before; a large reason for that is how much Michael Scott makes me cringe. But I’ve recently reached the end of Michael’s tenure. So in honor of Michael Scott, here are some of his cringiest moments. Obviously this is not a comprehensive list of his worst moments and it's in no specific order.

Breaking up with Pam’s mom
Is there anything worse than breaking up with a girl on her birthday? How about when it’s because of her age (which you should have already known)? How about when her daughter had been begging you to not date her in the first place? There are so many reasons I struggled with Michael in that scene and I was just so frustrated with him.

Kissing Oscar
It all started because of an inappropriate joke (per the usual with Michael) but then things got out of control with Michael trying to get people to accept Oscar’s sexuality. Would it have been so hard for Michael to just apologize to Oscar like a normal person? Instead he got involved in a sexual harassment case for kissing Oscar without his consent.

The Company Picnic Skit
To be fair, half the blame for this goes to Holly. All the same, why did they think it’d be appropriate to make a joke out of a branch closing down? Even if the Buffalo branch knew they were being closed down, why would you make a joke about it?

Phyllis’s Wedding
I’m not sure which part of Phyllis’s wedding was the worst. Was it when Michael insisted on being in the wedding party? Was it when he pronounced them man and wife? Or was it when he gave his speech? They’re all awful and it was such a hard episode to watch for that reason.

Pizza Boy Hostage
Oh my gosh. Why was this even a thing? As irrational as Michael is, why did it make sense to him to refuse to let the pizza boy leave? Sure he wanted the discount, but it was literally kidnapping. I know Michael is dense, but I didn’t think it was possible for him to be that dense.

Spanking His Nephew
There were a lot of reasons why this episode was cringey, because of how Michael tried to defend his nepotism to the office. Again, how did Michael get so ignorant (even worse than usual) to think there was nothing wrong with nepotism? And then to start spanking his estranged nephew in front of everyone? I can’t take it.

As much as Michael has made me cringe over the past seven seasons, I’m going to miss him when he’s gone. I’m not sure it’ll even feel like The Office anymore for those last couple seasons (though I am looking forward to seeing Catherine Tate, as she is one of my favorite celebrities ever).

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