Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Community Workout

Human Beings! It's time for another year at Greendale Community College! Or whatever school you go to.

Community hit Netflix in April and now people are beginning to appreciate the show that I've loved for years. I'm in desperate need of another re-watch. But in the meantime, I wanted to share another workout for it. Rules are the same as before, Greendale Human Beings. Turn on an episode and follow the workout plan. Special thanks to one of our previous bloggers T.J. for helping me put this together during his full watch-through of the show. (PS Check out his post about character development in the show)

  • Opening theme - Wall Sit throughout
  • Abed says "Cool cool cool" - 10 reps jumping jacks 
  • Pierce says something racist - 10 reps tricep dips 
  • Dean touches Jeff - 15 reps push-ups
  • Shirley says "That's nice" - 15 reps crunches
  • Jeff monologues - 10 reps incline push ups
  • Jeff appears shirtless - 10 decline push up
  • "Troy and Abed in the morning" - 10 reps squats 
  • Abed says a movie name - 10 reps leg raises
  • Britta uses an incorrect metaphor - 10 reps mountain climbers 
  • Dean wears a costume - 15 sets calf raises 

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