Friday, December 13, 2019

Comedy Christmas Episodes

In years of Christmas past, I've shared my thoughts on different holiday specials (Disney, Doctor Who, and some others). This year I'm picking some (mostly) family friendly comedies. With a lot of crude humor in modern days, I like these for some classic Christmas humor and feel-goods.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Episode 3x11 - "Christmas Amnesia")
As a typical teenager, Sabrina found something to complain about. Despite her aunts trying to get her in the Christmas spirit, Sabrina only became more pessimistic. But in an It's-A-Wonderful-Life kind of way, Sabrina got to see what life would be like without Christmas, after accidentally deleting it. The heartwarming part is that Christmas didn't return until she stopped focusing on the "hooplah of Christmas" and started focusing on her family. PS: RIP Bobunk

Community (Episode 1x12 - "Comparative Religion")
My top Christmas episode for Community is easily "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas", so instead I went with the season 1 holiday episode. It set the precedent to make fun of Greendale's excessive political correctness. In a subtle and sarcastic way, it also indirectly promoted religious diversity. Also, I enjoy the humbling that Shirley went through, learning to be a better Christian, something we could all do. On the flip side, Jeff learned to turn the other cheek (somewhat) at least out of respect for Shirley. "Oh Christmas Troy. Oh Christmas Troy"

Friends (Episode 7x10 - "The One with the Holiday Armadillo")
More or less every season of Friends has at least one holiday-themed episode, in addition to their annual Thanksgiving episodes. This is probably one of the more endearing Ross episodes. He genuinely wants to teach his son Ben about his Jewish heritage. But also, he got caught in a tough spot with Ben, in regards to Christmas. So in an attempt to find a Santa costume, Ross shows up in an armadillo outfit, who teaches Ben about Hanukkah. To supplement one of Ross's better moments, there are also some funny antics between Phoebe and Joey, which I always enjoy.

Full House (Episode 6x12 - "A Very Tanner Christmas")
As Full House does, this episode has dozens of mini-plots to include the whole family. I suppose it all has to do with personal expectations. Stephanie and Michelle expect tons of presents. DJ expects Steve to stay nearby for college. Becky wants snow. And Danny wants Vicky nearby. The best part for me is how Jesse goes to such extravagant lengths to bring Becky a white Christmas. I also enjoyed how they tried to teach Michelle and Stephanie what Christmas means, apart from presents. Something every kid should know.

Fuller House (Episode 4x01 - "Oh My Santa")
There were a few wonderful teaching moments in this episode (Ramona and Stephanie performing service at Christmastime) and funny moments (Tommy being the typical little kid, freaking out at Santa). The great part of this episode is how realistic Max's grief was. The holidays are hard when you've lost loved ones. I can't imagine that feeling. Whether it's a child taken too soon or a parent gone prematurely, the holidays are a hard time to miss the ones we love.

Boy Meets World (Episode 6x11 - "Santa's Little Helpers")
Amidst Cory and Topanga trying to get Shawn and Angela back together, my favorite part of this episode was Eric, Rachel, and Jack. They may have gone about things the wrong way (nabbing the family's Christmas presents) but there's something to be said for trying to make that Christmas special and amazing for others, especially those who don't have family. In the end, Eric became friends with a little boy named Tommy. And Tommy's life was never the same again.

Girl Meets World (Episode 3x18 - "Girl Meets a Christmas Maya")
As Riley encourages Maya to spend the holidays with her new family, they also enjoy Secret Santa with their friends. Despite her friends' apprehension, they found a way to have a meaningful Secret Santa. The gifts may not have been what they originally wanted or expected, but they got to see how much the others cared about them. That's my favorite part of Christmas presents, getting to see the thought put into a gift. Not even the gift itself. (Also there's sugar-buzzed Ava and that was really funny).

What is your favorite Christmas special to watch each year? Any others you'd add?

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