Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Ranked

Over the past few years, watching at least a portion of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes has become a staple in our home. Even my friend David, who doesn't typically watch Friends, will say that we need to watch them when he comes over for dinner. So, in honor of that and in honor of Thanksgiving, here are some of my thoughts on spending Thanksgiving with six of your favorite New Yorkers.

10. The One With the List
Bottom of the list for the simple reason that it's not even a true Thanksgiving episode. Other than Monica working on Thanksgiving-themed "Mockolate" recipes, there isn't even a mention of the holiday. Besides all that, Ross and Rachel's relationship drama always bores me. I know they're the main couple of the show, but I don't like their relationship. But that's a rant for another time.

9. The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs 
I know I just said I didn't like Rachel's relationship with Ross, but I think I might like her relationship with Tag even less. But like Ross/Rachel, it's a discussion for another time. The redeeming quality of this episode is Chandler coming to let Clunkers stay in the apartment. But I'm a sucker for any dog.

8. The One with the Late Thanksgiving 
The three plot points in this one just don't interest me that much, compared to other Thanksgiving episodes. The baby beauty pageant, the game, and Chandler's cranberries. There are some great one-liners though. "Don't you put words in people's mouths. You put turkey in people's mouths."

7. The One with Chandler in the Box 
The triangle between Joey, Chandler, and Kathy just makes me uncomfortable (and after so much buildup, they break up so quickly anyway). Also Monica's date with Tim is awkward. Basically the relationships in this episode are just awkward to watch, but also plenty of good one-liners, so I can't hate it either.

6. The One with the Football 
In fairness, this is one of the only times I care about football. That being said, it's still on the lower half of my list because I don't care about the Geller Cup. And besides the Geller Cup, the only real plot point is the Dutch girl. Meh.

5. The One Where the Underdog Gets Away 
The antics of this episode are fun. And it sets up future years for future years of Thanksgiving fun. The best part I think is when Monica is so upset about being locked out that she starts squeaking during her cry.

4. The One With Rachel’s Other Sister 
Amy Greene is the character we all love to hate, I think. Despite how cringe-worthy her comments are, she's the best part of this episode. Because of her, we got the comical discussion about who would get Emma if Ross and Rachel died. In the end, despite doubts about Chandler's parenting before, he and Ross have a heartwarming moment about his parenting skills.

3. The One Where Ross Got High 
This one is probably in my top 3 because it has one of my favorite gifs. A few of them actually. I use them at work often. Other than the added dynamic of the senior Gellers joining the Friends, it's a pretty uneventful. It's definitely one of the many times that Ross bugs me. But that's another rant. Rachel's trifle and Phoebe's dreams are my favorite part. And Joey's "I WANNA GO!!!"

2. The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks 
I think the part I enjoy most about this episode is that it's full of mini-stories, straight to the punch(line). We also get Fat Monica, who is always one of my favorites. So despite her awkward seduction a year later, Monica makes this one #2 for me.

1. The One With The Rumor 
The comical twists and turns make this #1 on my list. Will and Monica's jokes about their previous weight help keep the tension light. We also have Phoebe's not-so-subtle crush on Will that will always make me laugh. And who doesn't love Joey's Thanksgiving pants?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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