Friday, August 9, 2019

6 Confirmed for "Crisis on Infinite Earths" (and 3 Rumored)

We've been having some fun with superhero crossovers lately. Avengers have been teaming up on and off since 2012, culminating in "Endgame" this year and the Arrowverse has been doing an annual crossover since 2014 (in addition to many mini-crossovers in between). Now the Arrowverse has its own sort of "Endgame" happening for their 2019 crossover. It's going to last for 5 episodes over 5 different shows and 2 months. It's supposed to be bigger than any crossover they've done before. We had all thought it was going to be just the five main super hero teams, but after SDCC, we learned it was going to be bigger than that. So here's where we're at currently.

CONFIRMED: Clark Kent/Superman (from "Supergirl")
Last we saw of Superman, he was heading off-world to Argo City to enjoy some Kryptonian culture and to save his fiancee Lois Lane from being kicked by a superpowered fetus. However, by the time "Crisis on Infinite Earths" happens, the baby should be born (assuming human/Kryptonian babies gestate 9 months like human babies). So it's a bit up in the air what he'll be doing when December/January comes around.

RUMORED: Joker (played by Mark Hamill)
Mark Hamill has been voicing the Joker in animated series and video games for years now. A rumor sprouted out recently that he will be coming to the Arrowverse for the crossover as the Joker. He previously played James Jesse on "The Flash". So either we'd have a Jesse James lookalike from Earth-1 or the Joker could be his multiverse doppelganger.

CONFIRMED: Lex Luthor (from "Supergirl")
Last we saw from the villainous Lex Luthor was his death, at the hands of his sister Lena. The Monitor visited his body afterwards. It's unknown what happened at that point, but since he's set to appear in the crossover, I think it's a fair guess that the Monitor has brought him back to life in some form.

CONFIRMED: Clark Kent/Superman (played by Brandon Routh)
Brandon Routh (who currently plays Ray Palmer/The Atom in the Arrowverse) will be playing a version of Superman during the crossover. He last played Superman during "Superman Returns". It's been alluded to before Ray said that Kara looked like his cousin (during the "Invasion!" crossover). It'll be interesting to see if this is the same Superman from "Superman Returns" or if it's a new Superman altogether.

RUMORED: Dick Grayson/Robin (from 1960s "Batman")
Burt Ward is confirmed to appear in the crossover, but his character is unconfirmed. He previously played Robin in the 1960s live-action "Batman" series, so it's rumored that he'll be reprising this character. If that's the case, 1960s Batman will be drafted into the Arrowverse. I guess we'll have to wait for more word on him.

CONFIRMED: Lois Lane (from "Supergirl")
Like her fiance Clark/Superman, Lois has been off-world since last year's crossover. Now she's coming back with a presumably superpowered baby. We don't know much yet about her involvement in the crisis (hopefully more than a cameo and a babysitter/mom role, but we'll see)

CONFIRMED: Jeffereson Pierce/Black Lightning (from "Black Lightning")
"Black Lightning" is coming into its third season. Up until now it's been kept separate from the Arrowverse. However, it looks like they're about to join. Their title hero will be joining the crossover, despite not having an episode of his own. We still don't know if "Black Lighting" exists on Earth-1 with "Arrow", "The Flash", "Legends of Tomorrow", and "Batwoman", if they're on Earth-38 with "Supergirl" or a separate Earth altogether. Maybe we'll get an answer here.

RUMORED: Clark Kent/Superman (from "Smallville")
As the CW's first DC show, "Smallville" has been rumored to be part of the Arrowverse for years now. Even though "Smallville" ended in 2011, there have been references to it sprinkled throughout the Arrowverse, particularly in "Supergirl" of course. During "Midvale" we had reference to Clark's friend Chloe (who was an original character for "Smallville") and her Wall of Weird. In addition, the "Smallville" theme played as Barry and Oliver fled to Earth-38 in "Elseworlds" (as well as the Kent Farm appearing as well) -- We even had Lois calling Clark "Smallville". If not Clark Kent, it's possible we could have a link to "Smallville" finally established in the Arrowverse.

CONFIRMED: Bruce Wayne/Batman (played by Kevin Conroy)
Kevin Conroy has been voicing Batman in animated series for years. I remember watching "Batman Beyond" almost 20 years ago and apparently he's been doing it ever since too. Now we get our first chance of seeing him as live-action Batman. It's unclear if this is the Earth-1 Batman referrenced in "Elseworlds", the Earth-38 Batman that Clark was said to work with, or a brand new Batman. Also would that bring "Batman Beyond" or any of these animated series into the Arrowverse?

Who do you want to appear in the Arrowverse? Christian Bale? 1990s Lois & Clark? The Teen Titans? Either way, I'm really looking forward to this winter's crossover

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