Monday, November 20, 2017

Why the Justice League Movie is awesome

It's no doubt that the Justice League movie has had a shaky production history. Two different directors, countless reshoots, a rumor that the first cut of the film was "Unwatchable" and of course the track record of the other DC films.

So imagine my surprise when I thought the Justice League movie was actually quite good.

No, it's not the perfect movie. DC movies still have the problem that they have plot holes you can comfortably walk through at the best of times, but a good movie isn't a perfect movie, as I explain at about 10 PM to my beligured friends after my 3rd or 4th can of Coke. Justice League skims closer to perfection than it's main predecessor Batman Vs. Superman in one significant way: It's fun.

The plot is your standard pull the gang together plot. While there's nothing much to it I won't give too many details just because I'm not the type of internet troll who would sneak spoilers online. There's a big evil threatening to destroy the earth, naturally, so Batman decides to look up the weirdos he's been gathering data on like a creepy Facebook stalker. Our bad guy is your standard super villain, "I will conquer you all" types, with an army of easily disposable monsters so the crew has something to practice on before hitting up the final boss, but it's not the plot that makes the film great.

Every character is full of those witty Joss Whedon one-liners, and every scene is full of the same vibrant colors that you'd find from opening a comic book. This is the kind of super hero movie I've been waiting for from the DC universe. One full of joy and fun, unlike the gloomfest that was Batman Vs. Superman, or the sadly odd yet oddly satisfying mess that was Suicide Squad. This is just pure unadulterated super hero fun for the whole family.

So then what's next for the DC cinematic universe? Well the other critics hate this film, but I suspect we're getting to the point where the super hero film market is more saturated than Superman's briefs on a vacation to Atlantis. That being said, after this film I want to see what else DC has to show us, so long as they keep the tone n the light side and the battle headed towards Darkseid.


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