Monday, October 2, 2017

SLC Comic Con 2017 Highlights

Another SLC Comic Con has come and gone. I’ve done many of these post-Con posts before, so I’ll just keep it simple with some highlights of my weekend.

Meeting Catherine Tate: You’ll know her from Doctor Who, her sketch comedy show, or the Office most likely. She’s hilarious as a comedian and she’s sweet as a person. She came half an hour late to our autograph signing, apologizing profusely, up and down the line, because she’d been caught up at the Humane Society. Not only that, but when we told Catherine Tate that the autograph we were getting was for a coworker who couldn’t make it, she gave us both a gratuitous autograph for ourselves as well. Am I bovvered? Absolutely not.

Cosplayers: As always cosplayers are one of my favorite parts of a Con. I posted several on our Mormon Geeks Facebook page over the weekend, but here were a few of my favorites: Captain Canada (yes, he’s a legit character), Galinda and Elphaba, the USS Enterprise, Pacha and Kuzco, and the Flash and Vibe. I also had a bit of cosplay inspiration of my own, which made me happy. As I’ve written before, I enjoy doing my cosplays as cheap and simple as possible. I impressed myself in being able to throw together a couple t-shirts in my closet and my Mario overalls to make a Wreck-It Ralph costume. Cosplay can definitely be cheap guys!!

Stephen Amell Panel: Some quick highlights from the Stephen Amell panel.
  • ·         If he could create a superhero from scratch, he would be Superdad. So cool to see him and his wife on that panel, showing himself as a family man.
  • ·         He really enjoyed the script for the crossover this year. I guess it felt like a more cohesive story, instead of feeling like individual episodes of different shows.
  • ·         If he could bring a dead character back, it would be Tommy.
  • ·         If he had to pick between Arsenal and Speedy, he said he’d pick Arsenal, because of the familial connection with Speedy.

Catherine Tate Panel: Some more notes. The notes WILL NOT do her justice. If you ever get the chance to see her at a Con, just go. You’ll thank me later.
  • ·         I asked her what she thinks Donna’s been doing since she got married at the end of the Tenth Doctor era. She thinks Donna spent all her lottery winnings pretty quick and now she’s back to being the best temp.
  • ·         Some of her favorite stories to film were “Runaway Bride” and “Partners in Crime”.
  • ·         She doesn’t really do any of the Sci-Fi stuff personally, but if she had to choose she’d choose time travel over space travel. So much more fun to have with history, instead of some other world where they can make up their own rules.
  • ·         She started doing conventions this year because of John Barrowman.
  • ·         She didn’t know how Donna’s story was going to end, but it was a good, solid ending and she approved of it.
  • ·         For her comedy and acting work, she takes personality quirks from people in her life and turns them into characters.
  • ·         She said it was magical to work with David Tennant AND she said she’s going to drag him to Comic Con.

What were your favorite parts of Comic Con? What was your favorite cosplay this weekend?

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