Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Everyday Use of Emperor's New Groove

Time for a post I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I think it’s a pretty Mormon thing to be into Disney movies. And I’m a big enough of a Disney geek that at my last job (at the Mission Training Center Bookstore) that I’m fluent in Disney quotes. I’m especially good at Emperor’s New Groove quotes. Let’s face it; there’s a good Disney quote for nearly every situation. As a result, today I have some Emperor’s New Groove quotes for your everyday LDS life (not non-LDS life, they’re pretty versatile).

"You threw off my groove!"
            Useful for pretty much every day. Someone cuts you off in traffic, your roommate is in the shower when you need the bathroom, or that one guy in Elders Quorum brings up his mission leadership experience AGAIN.
"No touchy!"
            Pretty much whenever you need some personal space. Or when anyone of the opposite sex gets too close to a missionary.
"Take your pick; I've got more."
            A more enjoyable way to say “etcetera”. I’ll occasionally use this after running out of ideas in a list.
"It's my birthday gift to me! I'm so happy!"
            Pretty much whenever I buy something for myself. I got really happy when I was able to use this quote for my plans to go to Disneyland after graduating from BYU (that trip is finally happening in September). It’s my graduation gift to me! I’m so happy!
"Well, I suppose there's time for dessert."
            Pretty much any meal as a missionary. “We need to run to another appointment… but I suppose there’s time for dessert.” I don’t know if I ever had a meal as a missionary that didn’t include dessert.
"Arg! I gotta go wash something."
            Anything frustrating: work, relationships, lack of relationships, or the upcoming presidential election.
"I don't know about you, but I'm getting all funned out."
            When work is nearly over. Or when someone goes over during their talk in Sacrament Meeting. Or at the end of a long plane ride. Take your pick; I've got more.
"And that's... Bad?"
            How I feel at the Hill Cumorah Pageant when I see the protestors making claims about Mormons and Joseph Smith and anything else about the church. Some of them end up being true, but they try to spin them in a weird light, so I just brush it off.
"Look at me and my bad self. I snatched you right out of the air."
            Whenever I lose my grip on something and miraculously save it from landing on the floor. Especially food. Can’t let any food go to waste if
“Now I feel bad. Bad llama.”
            Whenever I sarcastically feel bad. Of course this one isn’t complete without the weak self-slap.

Alright. That’s all for now. Next week more Marvel. Unless I come up with something better.

Side note: Can we talk for a second about the apparent psychic
powers that Pacha's kids have? I mean they had visions of their
dad's journey with Kuzco! And they made it down the hill fast
enough to ambush Yzma along the way down. Just saying.

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